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Beyond the Limelight: Exploring Prince Wilburn’s Unique Journey


Born in the middle of New York City from a well-known American family, Lori’s past is intriguing. Her birthday, June 22, 1969, falls under the sign of Cancer in her horoscope.

Who is Prince Wilburn? 

Amidst the progeny of Future, Prince Wilburn stands as a prominent scion in the realm of American celebrity lineage. Future, an illustrious American rap virtuoso, vocalist, and lyricist, entered the world as Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn on November 20, 1983, in Atlanta, Georgia, currently navigating the tapestry of 38 revolutions around the sun.

One of Future’s resonant musical compositions is the melodic opus titled “Mask Off.” Within the confines of this discourse, I shall delve into the nuances of Prince Wilburn’s chronological age, financial standing, ancestral lineage, vocational trajectory, paternal progenitor, familial ties, maternal figure, and forebears, unraveling a tapestry of insights that may pique your curiosity. Prior to advancing, let us expeditiously scrutinize the contours of his dossier.In the lineage of American celebrities, Prince Wilburn emerges as a notable figure within the progeny of Future. Future, a distinguished rap virtuoso, singer, and lyricist, originally known as Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn, graced the world on November 20, 1983, in Atlanta, Georgia, currently navigating the journey of 38 revolutions around the sun.

Among Future’s notable musical creations is the melodic masterpiece titled “Mask Off.” In the upcoming exploration, we will unravel the details surrounding Prince Wilburn’s age, financial status, family heritage, career path, his influential father, familial bonds, the significant maternal presence, and the roots of his ancestry. Before delving deeper, let’s swiftly examine the contours of his profile.

Prince Wilburn Biography

Prince Wilburn made his grand entrance into the world on December 5, 2013, amidst the excitement that filled the air in the expansive landscapes of the United States. In the year 2021, the young royal celebrated his eighth journey around the sun, marking the advent of the spirited Sagittarius season.

Hailing from the vibrant city of Atlanta, Georgia, in the heart of America, Prince Wilburn grew up in the company of seven siblings. With a striking ebony complexion, he proudly identifies as Afro-American, embracing

Prince Wilburn Childhood

On December 6, 2013, the global stage welcomed the arrival of eight-year-old Prince Wilburn, a budding star whose celestial journey aligns with the spirited sign of Sagittarius. Proudly holding the citizenship of the United States, the details of his educational voyage remain shrouded in mystery.

Guided by his mother, Brittni Mealy, and with Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn, also known as Future, as his paternal figure, Prince Wilburn is immersed in a world where creativity and entrepreneurship converge. Future, a luminary in rap, singing, songcraft, and record production, has carved a niche for himself in the American music scene. Brittni Mealy, on the other hand, shines bright in her entrepreneurial pursuits.

In the Wilburn family tree, Prince shares kinship with six half-siblings from his paternal lineage: Jakobi, Londyn, Future Zahir, Kash, and Hendrix. These Wilburn siblings, though connected by blood, trace their roots to different mothers, illustrating the diverse chapters in the rapper’s romantic history. Prince, being Future’s third offspring, adds another layer to this intricate family tapestry. On the maternal side, a sibling named Jay completes the picture, weaving together a rich familial narrative.

Prince Wilburn Education

After successfully completing his initial educational chapter at a prestigious preschool/nursery establishment in the United States, Prince Wilburn has embarked on a new academic adventure within the halls of a local elementary school in Atlanta. Transitioning seamlessly from his distinguished days in the nursery, the young scholar continues his educational journey in the realm of elementary education.

Prince Wilburn Wiki

Full NamePrince Wilburn
Born DateDecember 6, 2012
Age11 years
Lucky Number6
Lucky StoneTurquoise
Lucky ColorOrange
Best Match for MarriageLeo, Aquarius
ProfessionCelebrity kid of Future
Marital StatusSingle
Eye ColorDark Brown
Hair ColorDark Brown
FatherNayvadius DeMun Wilburn (Future)
MotherBrittni Mealy

Prince Wilburn’s Career

In the realm of budding ambitions, Prince Wilburn, an emerging figure, stands on the verge of an unexplored journey into his career. On the flip side, Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn, widely known as Future, has carved a formidable identity as a prominent lyricist spanning over a decade. The early chapters of Future’s foray into the musical landscape bear the imprints of Epic Records and Rocko’s A1 Recordings.

As time unfolded, Future transcended from a rapidly ascending talent to a revered American rapper, now steering his own record label, aptly named “Freebandz.”

On the entrepreneurial front, Prince’s mother, Brittni Mealy, shines as a dynamic businesswoman. Founding and presiding as CEO of the Atlanta-based clothing company, “Pop Of Junk,” Brittni also takes the lead in the fitness community through her website, “Babe Camp.”

Adding another achievement to her portfolio, Brittni Mealy earned recognition on Upscale Magazine’s Mommy and Mogul website in July 2015. Both of Prince’s parents thrive in their respective careers, ensuring abundant resources to cater to his needs.

Prince Wilburn Net Worth

Aside from maintaining his own Instagram presence, this young individual occasionally makes appearances on his mother’s profile, @thebrittni. The current financial details and income specifics of the adolescent are not publicly disclosed. On the other hand, the estimated net worth of his rapper father is reported to be $40 million as of December 2023.

Prince Wilburn Height

A standout feature of Prince is his modest height, standing at a noteworthy 5’3″. This distinct attribute adds a unique flair to his persona, ensuring that he stands out in any crowd. Whether he’s maneuvering through the corridors of education or navigating the various stages of life, Prince carries his stature with a graceful demeanor that truly sets him apart.

Age & Nationality

Celebrating the milestone of a decade, Prince Wilburn marks the 6th of December as a day of festivities. With the spirit of Sagittarius coursing through his zodiacal veins, his celestial alignment adds an enchanting dimension to his personality. Prince’s captivating features include deep, ebony eyes that harmonize with a cascade of similarly dark, black locks. Notably, his unique skin tone radiates a rich ebony shade, placing him within the vibrant tapestry of the Afro-American cultural mosaic. This is further textured by the intricate threads of his maternal lineage, hinting at a fusion of diverse ethnic influences.

Prince Wilburn’s Father Rapper

Embarking on an exploration of the chronicle surrounding the progenitor of Prince, the distinguished luminary known as Future, or by his complete nomenclature, Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn, unfolds an intriguing narrative. Future, hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, took his place in the limelight on November 20, 1983, carving a niche by dismantling conventions within the realm of music. His odyssey unravels the manifold layers of his intricate persona, encompassing roles as a maestro, wordsmith, orchestrator, and virtuoso entertaine.

The sonic signature of Future is unmistakably etched in the distinctively murmured vocals that reverberate across the vast landscape of the music world. His profound influence resonates deeply within the realm of rap, solidifying his position as a pioneering trailblazer.

Prince Wilburn Family Background

In the expansive family tapestry of Prince, a constellation of siblings emerges, bearing names such as Jakobi, Londyn, Future, Zahir, Kash, Hendrix, and Jay Wilburn. A closer inspection reveals that these individuals, intricately linked through paternal ties with Future, assume the nuanced role of Prince’s step-siblings, each originating from distinct maternal connections.

At the forefront of this diverse familial ensemble stands Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn, known professionally as Future, holding the pivotal position of Prince’s father. Conversely, the maternal figure is embodied by Brittni Mealy, who carries the revered title of Prince’s mother. However, the familial landscape has undergone shifts, with the once united parental pair, Nayvadius and Brittni, charting separate courses, no longer bound by the ties of matrimony.

Who exactly is Brittni Mealy, the mother of Prince Wilburn?

Allow me to introduce you to the remarkable figure at the heart of Prince Wilburn’s story – Brittni Mealy. She was born on August 25, 1989, and she holds the title of 34 years with pride and a sense of success. With an astonishing 484K Instagram followers, Brittni has transcended the traditional role of a mother and become a shrewd businesswoman and social media influencer. In reality, she holds a certain level of celebrity in her own right.

Now, here’s the intriguing part – Brittni stands as the proud owner of Unicorn Universe, a clothing line that goes beyond mere fashion, championing the cause of feminism and embodying a movement in itself. However, this is not the extent of her skill set – she’s also an experienced author. In her book, “Rich Bi$h Energy: A Self-Love Guide for Millions,” she shares a wealth of wisdom, providing women with a roadmap to embrace self-love and care. Brittni embodies authenticity, effortlessly navigating the realms of entrepreneurship, social media, and the empowerment of women with the finesse befitting a true leader

Prince Wilburn’s Girlfriend 

As Prince Wilburn steps into his eighth year of existence, he embraces the notion of individuality. While the romantic ties between his parents, Future and Brittni, have unraveled, it’s crucial to acknowledge that they shared a connection during the dynamic era of the 2010s. Despite the dissolution of his parents’ union, Future has expanded his family, welcoming six more children with different partners. The chapter of his relationship with Ciara closed in 2014, marked by the regrettable incident of infidelity.

Prince Wilburn’s Social Media

Prince Wilburn discovers delight in engaging actively on well-known social media platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter, among others. His digital influence extends to millions of followers across diverse platforms, with a notable achievement of surpassing 4.6 million followers on Instagram, a commendable feat considering his youthful years.

The amplification of his online footprint can be attributed in part to the renown and triumphs of his parents. Nevertheless, Prince Wilburn purposefully adopts a cautious approach when it comes to divulging details about his familial connections, encompassing parents, siblings, and his brother. He maintains a discernible level of privacy on his various social media channels.


Birth and Zodiac Sign: Born on December 6, 2012, Prince Wilburn is the son of the renowned American rapper Future (Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn) and Brittni Mealy. His zodiac sign is Sagittarius.

Family Ties: Prince has seven siblings from his father’s side – Jakobi, Londyn, Future Zahir, Kash, Hendrix, and Jay, each from different mothers. Brittni Mealy is Prince’s mother, and despite her separation from Future, she remains an influential figure in his life.

Early Life and Education: Prince began his educational journey in a prestigious preschool and continued into a local elementary school in Atlanta. His parents, Future and Brittni, guide him through a world where creativity and entrepreneurship converge.

Height and Appearance: Prince stands at a distinctive height of 5’3″. His striking ebony complexion, dark brown eyes, and hair contribute to his unique appearance.

Career Trajectory: While Prince is on the verge of exploring his own career path, his father, Future, has established himself as a prominent rapper and entrepreneur. Future’s musical journey started with Epic Records and A1 Recordings, evolving into the creation of his own label, “Freebandz.”

Financial Status: Prince’s net worth is not publicly disclosed, but Future, as of December 2023, is estimated to have a net worth of $40 million.

Mother’s Achievements: Brittni Mealy, Prince’s mother, is not just a mother figure but a dynamic businesswoman and social media influencer. She owns the clothing line “Unicorn Universe” and has authored a self-love guide for women titled “Rich Bi$h Energy: A Self-Love Guide for Millions.”

Social Media Presence: Prince Wilburn actively engages with over 4.6 million followers on Instagram. Despite his digital presence, he maintains a level of privacy, particularly regarding his family.


Prince Wilburn, born into the limelight of American celebrity lineage, is the son of Future and Brittni Mealy. His journey, starting in 2012, has been shaped by the influences of both parents. As an eight-year-old, Prince navigates the realms of education, family dynamics, and a potential future career. His mother, Brittni, adds her own flair to the family’s narrative, excelling in business and social media. Future, the influential rapper and entrepreneur, has paved the way for his son’s potential endeavors. Prince’s uniqueness extends beyond his familial ties, encompassing his distinctive appearance and height. Despite the public nature of his family’s life, Prince maintains a certain level of privacy on social media.


What is Prince Wilburn’s birthdate and zodiac sign?

Prince Wilburn was born on December 6, 2012, and his zodiac sign is Sagittarius.

Who are Prince Wilburn’s parents?

Prince’s parents are Future (Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn), a renowned American rapper, and Brittni Mealy, a successful businesswoman.

How many siblings does Prince Wilburn have?

Prince has seven siblings from his father’s side: Jakobi, Londyn, Future Zahir, Kash, Hendrix, and Jay.

What is Prince Wilburn’s height?

Prince Wilburn stands at a noteworthy height of 5’3″.

What is the estimated net worth of Prince Wilburn’s father, Future?

As of December 2023, Future is estimated to have a net worth of $40 million.

What is Brittni Mealy’s business venture?

Brittni Mealy owns the clothing line “Unicorn Universe” and has authored a self-love guide for women titled “Rich Bi$h Energy: A Self-Love Guide for Millions.”

How active is Prince Wilburn on social media?

Prince Wilburn actively engages with over 4.6 million followers on Instagram and maintains a level of privacy regarding his family on various social media platforms.

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