Hailey Bieber Parents

Hailey Bieber’s Parents: A Love Story That Shaped Her Life

Hailey Bieber holds a deep and sincere admiration for her parents, Stephen and Kennya Baldwin, and the enduring love they’ve shared for over three decades.

In 1990, Stephen and Kennya exchanged vows, starting a 30-year romance and friendship. Their youngest child, Hailey, was born on November 22, 1996, while their eldest, Alaia, was born in 1993.

Stephen is known for his acting career, while Kennya, whose father is the Grammy-winning singer Eumir Deodato, is a talented graphic designer. Despite their impressive family connections, Hailey and her sister managed to maintain a humble and unassuming profile.

While they did make occasional appearances on the red carpet as children, Hailey shared with Fashion magazine in 2017 that their upbringing was refreshingly down-to-earth, marked by the rhythms of suburban life. She explained, “That was always our reality. But that was always separate—that was Dad’s work life—because of the way my parents raised my sister and me. We were just hanging around at home when we were there.”

Hailey has always expressed her sincere gratitude and affection for her parents and their close relationship. On her Instagram, she regularly honors them by posting birthday and anniversary wishes.

The model declared her parents to be her greatest source of inspiration and shared a heartfelt black-and-white snapshot of them in October 2015. She stated, “My parents mean absolutely everything to me,” in the post. I only aspire to have a marriage, friendship, and foundation like theirs one day since they inspire me every day. Without them, I wouldn’t be the person I am today.

This truly reflects the profound and special connection that Hailey Bieber shares with her parents, Stephen and Kennya Baldwin.

They Met In 1987

In the bustling city of New York in 1987, fate brought Stephen and Kennya together on a busy bus. They started a love affair that would last for three decades and more when they were just 19 years old. When they exchanged vows in 1990, their lovely journey took a big stride ahead, and their love has only gotten better with time.

Hailey thought back on her parents’ strong relationship and how it had shaped her own perspective on love in a moving interview with Elle in 2021. “I know they drive each other crazy sometimes, but they love each other,” the woman said. The story of how they met sounded like the most romantic thing in the world to me when I was younger. It’s what you imagine yourself to be.  I do think it influenced me to want to be married young.”

Stephen highlighted the value of forgiveness in an interview with CBS News, even as he shared his insights on how long their marriage will last. In 2012, he made a lighthearted comment, saying, “You’re the youngest Baldwin, and you’ve been married the longest.'” How does that work?’ The truth is my wife’s awesome. She puts up with me. We’re meant to be together. More than anything, you just have to learn to let it go when those exchanges happen that irritate you. The best thing you can do is that.

These words beautifully reveal the deep love and mutual respect that Stephen and Kennya share. Their enduring love story continues to inspire their daughter Hailey and countless others.

What Did Hailey Bieber Parents Do?

Hailey Bieber’s parents, Stephen and Kennya, originally hail from Brazil. Stephen has worn many hats over the years, from being a businessman to a former professional soccer player, while Kennya has made her mark as a talented graphic designer. Their paths first crossed in the early 1980s while they were both attending college in the vibrant city of New York.

Their love story led to a beautiful union in 1990, and together, they welcomed two children into the world – Alaia in 1996 and Hailey in 1998. Stephen and Kennya Bieber have consistently stood as unwavering pillars of support for their daughter’s aspirations. You can often spot them at her red carpet events and fashion shows, and their social media accounts are adorned with heartfelt messages of pride and encouragement for her.

But their involvement doesn’t stop at career support; they are deeply engaged in Hailey’s personal life as well. A remarkable example of this was when Hailey and Justin Bieber’s engagement unfolded in 2018. Stephen and Kennya were right there, witnessing the momentous proposal and actively contributing to the planning of the celebratory engagement gathering. Their unwavering support and involvement highlight the strong family bond they share with their daughter.

Why Are Hailey Bieber Parents Famous?

Hailey Bieber’s parents, Stephen and Kennya Baldwin, each have their own claim to fame in their respective fields. Actor Stephen Douglas is well-known for his parts in hit films such as “The Usual Suspects” and “Bio-Dome.” Conversely, Kennya, a Brazilian native, has established herself as a gifted graphic designer.

It’s interesting to note that, because of his significant part in the classic movie “Titanic,” Hailey’s father, Stephen, tends to take center stage more often. His portrayal in the film has elevated him to a well-known character and contributed to the family’s remarkable record of accomplishments.

Are Hailey Bieber Parents Still Married

Stephen and Kennya Baldwin, the progenitors of Hailey Bieber, have been united in matrimony since 1990, their lives intricately woven together. Kennya, a Brazilian-American luminary, has etched her identity as an adept graphic artisan, while Stephen, a lauded luminary in the realms of acting and production, garners his acclaim, notably, for his portrayal in the soap opera, “The Young and the Restless.”

Together, they’ve been blessed with two additional progeny – Alaia, who has carved a niche for herself in the realm of modeling, and Alec, whose fame flourishes through his thespian endeavors, especially underscored in “30 Rock.” Both Alaia and Alec have steadfastly served as unwavering bastions of support for Hailey along her career odyssey.

Though Stephen and Kennya remain legally bound in wedlock, it is public knowledge that they’ve embarked upon somewhat divergent life trajectories for a considerable duration. The precise impetuses behind their geographical disunion are shrouded in secrecy, though there are inklings of amicability. Presently, Stephen takes up residence in Los Angeles, whilst Kennya has embraced New York City as her domicile. Notwithstanding the physical chasm that separates them, both parents persistently maintain active involvement in their progeny’s existence.

Frequent appearances as a united front at prestigious red carpet galas and the regular dissemination of familial portraits on their social media platforms underscore the enduring proximity and solidarity of this kin, even amidst geographical dispersion.

Hailey Bieber Siblings

Hailey Bieber is part of a tight-knit trio of siblings, and their bond is truly heartwarming. She has an elder sister named Alaia and a younger brother named Xavier. Both Alaia and Xavier have been unwavering pillars of support in Hailey’s journey through her career.

Hailey’s early attempts at modeling were greatly aided by her older sister, Alaia. Hailey was able to establish herself in the profession thanks in large part to her support and direction. Having a sibling that encourages you to pursue your objectives and believes in you is always fantastic.

Conversely, Hailey’s younger brother, Xavier, has assumed the position of informal photographer. He skillfully captures candid moments of his sister, and his lens has played a significant part in shaping Hailey’s engaging online presence. It’s a beautiful example of how family can come together to support and elevate one another in their individual pursuits.

They Gave Their Kids A Normal Childhood

Despite the Baldwin family’s intimate familiarity with the glitz and glamour of showbiz, Stephen and Kennya Baldwin were resolute in ensuring their daughters had a grounded and regular upbringing. Hailey, in an interview with Vogue Arabia in December 2018, shared how being raised away from the Hollywood scene provided her with a sense of privacy during her crucial formative years.

“The way they raised us was so far removed from Hollywood that we didn’t really bring any aspects of the industry into our home,” she recalled. “I got to have a normal childhood and teenage years. I didn’t start getting recognition on my own until I was around 19.”

Hailey elaborated on her childhood, saying, “I think that starting to work at the age of 17 helped me learn how to have a schedule, be punctual, and be responsible. There are some ‘typical’ things I never did, like go to college. Most people don’t begin gaining these talents until much later in life.”

Furthermore, now that she has achieved her own level of recognition, Hailey emphasized the value of her close-knit family in supporting her as she navigates the pressures of fame. “I’ve learned the importance of family,” she affirmed. “Being close to my own has helped me so much in this industry. It’s great to have those strong ties.” The Baldwin family’s approach to raising their children while staying grounded in the whirlwind of showbiz is truly commendable.

They Encourage Hailey’s Career

While Hailey enjoyed a fairly typical upbringing, she ultimately decided to carve her own path in the entertainment world, much like her father. Since 2014, she’s been making significant strides in the modeling industry, gracing the runways for renowned brands like Versace and Moschino. Hailey has also taken center stage in campaigns for fashion powerhouses like Miu Miu and Tommy Hilfiger.

Reflecting on her journey two years into her modeling career, Hailey shared her feelings with Access Hollywood. She revealed that although her parents hadn’t attended any of her shows, they had unwaveringly stood behind her.

“I don’t like when my parents come to shows. They actually, I don’t think have ever been at one that I’ve done. But they’ve always been super supportive,” she explained. “The thing that they always tell me about being in this industry in general is to kind of just always remain yourself. And my dad, always the one thing he says is just be Hailey. And I think that’s important.”

It’s clear that Hailey’s parents’ support and advice have been invaluable in her journey to success, as she continues to shine in the world of modeling.

Hailey Asks Them For Relationship Advice

Hailey frequently turns to her parents for advice on matters of the heart. She opened up about seeking their guidance regarding her engagement in the fourth episode of “Justin Bieber: Seasons,” the 2020 docuseries delving into the pop star’s life.

Hailey can still clearly recall contacting her parents in the months leading up to her engagement to Justin Bieber. “If you think this is a bad idea, now is the time to stop me from doing something crazy,” she remarked. Just let me know right now if you have any thoughts along the lines of, “Whoa, relax, take a breath, and think about this. See how you feel in a week or two.” Even though I really want to follow through with it.”

Their response was comforting and supportive. “They said, ‘Honestly, we think this is meant for you, and we trust you.’ Alright, I thought,” Hailey shared.

In a 2021 interview on the Chelsea & Judah Smith podcast’s “In Good Faith,” Hailey also revealed how she sought her mother’s counsel during a challenging period in her marriage to Justin Bieber. “I called her several times, but one time in Brooklyn, I cried and said, ‘I simply can’t do it,'” she recalled a moving incident. I cannot continue in this manner indefinitely.”

Her mother’s soothing and composed reply was a lifeline. She recalled, “And I just remember she was so calm on the phone and she said, ‘It’s going to pass, and you’re going to be fine, and he’s going to be healthy, and we’re here for you.'” It’s evidence of her parents’ unwavering love and support through both the happy and difficult times in her life.

Does Hailey Bieber’s Father Stephen Baldwin Like Justin Bieber?

Hailey Bieber has been candid about her reservations regarding starting a family, and this has naturally piqued the interest of fans who wonder about her father, Stephen Baldwin’s, opinion of Justin.

Before Justin Bieber proposed to Hailey, he took the significant step of having a conversation with Stephen Baldwin to ensure he was comfortable with the idea. This suggests a reasonably positive and respectful relationship between them. If things were strained, that conversation could have been quite challenging and potentially awkward.

People was able to get additional information about the matter from a source who stated, “Stephen appreciated the respect that Justin has shown him as Hailey’s father.” Although it seems archaic, it’s a show of deference. When it comes to those matters, Hailey, Justin, and Stephen are all extremely conventional. “It was very important to Justin to make sure her family was on board with the marriage, and they are,” the person added.

Photographs of Stephen Baldwin and Justin Bieber together don’t reveal any apparent tension, indicating a harmonious relationship between them. In fact, in September 2018, People reported that they were seen enjoying time together at a music festival in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This further suggests that any issues, if they existed, were likely resolved, and Stephen wouldn’t choose to spend leisure time with Justin if they hadn’t patched things up.

Does Kennya Baldwin, The Mother Of Hailey Bieber, Like Justin Bieber?

It’s clear that Kennya Baldwin, Hailey Bieber’s mother, has a genuine fondness for Justin Bieber, and right from the start, Hailey’s parents seemed to be supportive of their relationship.

In a 2016 article by Entertainment Tonight Canada, Hailey mentioned that her parents were more than okay with her relationship with Justin. She joyfully shared, “Both my parents like him a lot.”

Kennya’s belief in Justin as a good match for her daughter has been a source of strength during challenging phases in Hailey and Justin’s marriage. According to Yahoo!, Hailey elaborated more on this in a podcast called “In Good Faith with Chelsea & Judah Smith.”

Hailey revealed, “I called her multiple times, once when I was in Brooklyn, crying, and I said, ‘I just can’t do it. I’m done if this continues forever.'” In response, her mother was a pillar of calm and reassurance. She said, “It’s going to pass, you’ll be OK, he’ll be well, and we’re here for you. I believe we had significant support. It was my toughest time, but without help, it would have been ten times worse.”

Justin and Hailey have been open about their struggles but always emphasize the strength of their love. Justin’s treatment of Hailey is evident to her parents, and their relationship is now stronger than ever. It’s a testament to what all parents wish for their children – a happy and loving relationship. Justin and Hailey’s marriage serves as a prime example of that.

Stephen And Hailey Talked Before Hailey Changed Her Last Name

In addition to seeking relationship advice, Hailey had a heartfelt conversation with her father, Stephen, about a significant decision – changing her last name. The model revealed in a 2019 interview with Bustle that her father was very supportive of her choice to take on the surname “Bieber.”

“I’m very proud of my family name,” Hailey declared, expressing her pleasure in her ancestry. I’m from a wonderful family with a background in this field. I recall asking my dad if he would be upset when I was going to change it, and he said, “No!” I’m not bothered. You are loved.  All good, everyone still knows you’re a Baldwin.’ It’s true!”

Despite her dad’s wholehearted support, Hailey acknowledged that adopting her married last name was a process of adjustment. She candidly admitted, “It took some getting used to, for sure. It’s definitely strange, and it takes some adjusting.” It’s a reminder that even in moments of change, the bonds of family remain strong and supportive.

Stephen Was Open With His Children About His Addiction Struggles

Stephen Baldwin had a candid and open conversation with his two children about his past battles with drug and alcohol addiction. Hailey, in a 2021 discussion on the Victoria’s Secret Voices podcast, shared how her father’s honesty played a crucial role in helping her understand and support Justin’s journey towards sobriety.

She spoke openly about the history of addiction in her family, saying, “There’s a lot of addiction that runs in my family, not even just my dad, but a lot of other people on that side of my family struggle with a lot of different things.” Hailey appreciated her dad’s honesty and how it helped her.

Hailey further revealed, “I was always really, really close to my dad. He was just always very honest about how and why staying clean worked for him, why we needed to do the same, and what constitutes typical alcoholic behavior.” It’s a testament to the power of open and honest conversations within a family, especially when dealing with challenging issues like addiction.

Do Justin Bieber And Hailey Spend Time With Stephen And Kennya Baldwin?

Hailey and Justin Bieber clearly cherish spending time with Hailey’s parents, Stephen and Kennya Baldwin. Justin often shares Instagram posts featuring them, and it’s evident that they share a special bond.

Entertainment Tonight once revealed a fun caption Justin used for a vintage photo of him with Hailey and her parents: “Me and the wife! The in-laws! So glad you let your daughter marry a monster like me.” Justin’s playful message shows that he felt comfortable making such remarks with Hailey’s parents, indicating the strong connection they share.

Both Hailey and Justin are undeniably family-oriented. While their interactions with Hailey’s parents are usually private, their love for family shines through. Justin also posted a photo with his stepmom Chelsey, dad Jeremy Bieber, and stepsiblings Jaxon, Jazmyn, and Bay in April 2021, further demonstrating their commitment to family bonds.

Additionally, insiders have said that Hailey gets along well with Justin’s mother, Pattie Mallette, and the two have a tight bond. It is clear that the pair is dedicated to upholding family values, and it is possible that they have worked hard to cultivate positive bonds with each other’s parents.

Justin’s Instagram announcement in November 2018 about inviting both families to Thanksgiving dinner was a heartwarming moment of unity. He shared, “Happy late Thanksgiving. First Thanksgiving as a married guy, first Thanksgiving hosted. First family reunion with both sides.

While Hailey and Justin have openly discussed their marriage struggles and sought professional therapy, they’ve found greater happiness in recent years. Their commitment to spending time with each other’s families highlights the importance they place on these connections and their journey toward a stronger, more united family.

FAQs About Hailey Bieber’s Parents

Who are Hailey Bieber parents?
Hailey Bieber parents are Stephen and Kennya Baldwin.

When did Stephen and Kennya Baldwin get married?
Stephen and Kennya Baldwin got married in 1990.

How did Stephen and Kennya Baldwin meet?
Stephen and Kennya Baldwin met on a busy New York City bus in 1987.

What are Stephen and Kennya Baldwin’s professions?
Stephen Baldwin is an actor and former professional soccer player, while Kennya Baldwin is a graphic designer.

What impact did hailey bieber parents parents’ marriage have on her approach to love?
Hailey has mentioned that her parents’ enduring bond influenced her desire to get married young.

How do hailey bieber parents parents, Stephen and Kennya, support her career?
Hailey’s parents have been supportive of her modeling career, attending her events and offering advice to always remain true to herself.

How did Hailey’s parents react to her engagement to Justin Bieber?
Hailey’s parents supported her Justin Bieber engagement. They counselled her to take her time and make the proper choice.

How does Hailey’s mother, Kennya, feel about Justin Bieber?
Kennya Baldwin has expressed fondness for Justin Bieber and supported Hailey’s relationship with him.

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