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Clary Fisher: Biography, Childhood, Wik, Husband, Career, Net Worth, Social Media And Others


Renowned in the fashion realm, Clary Fisher stands out as a distinguished designer and stylist. Her keen sense of detail and adeptness in color coordination becomes evident upon your first encounter with her. Amidst the grandeur of her academic journey, having concluded her studies at the prestigious London College of Fashion, she ventured forth to the University of Arts, London. This pursuit aimed at a meticulous honing of her acumen in the intricate realm of fashion design.

Who is Clary Fisher?

In the realm of fashion, Clary Fisher, also recognized as Clary Collicutt, emerges not only as a distinguished fashion stylist and designer but also as an influential figure in the media. She garners attention not just for her sartorial prowess but also for being the former spouse of Simon Konecki, subsequently united in matrimony with the renowned singer Adele.

Diving into her professional domain, Fisher has left an indelible mark as a stylist, collaborating with various artists and contributing to numerous noteworthy projects. This article aims to delve into the nuances of her career, offering insights into her journey. Additionally, we will unravel aspects of her romantic escapades.

Clary Fisher Biography

In a span of a decade, the statistical likelihood of celebrities going through a divorce stands at 40%. However, for Clary Fisher, her marital journey was compressed into a mere four years. What seemed like an idyllic love tale, akin to the ones experienced by childhood friends turned lifelong companions, took an unexpected turn. A narrative reminiscent of YouTuber Jemma Middleton’s, but with a twist, as her spouse’s affections shifted towards the renowned singer Adele. It prompts the perennial question when perusing celebrity narratives – are men truly insincere?

Clary Fisher stands among those thrust into the public eye due to their connections with notable personalities, transcending their accomplishments in their respective fields. She secures global recognition as the former partner of Simon Konecki, a British philanthropist. Fisher’s forte lies in the realm of fashion styling, extending her creative touch to diverse media platforms, including television programs, musical ensembles, and high-profile fashion events. For a comprehensive understanding of Clary Fisher’s narrative, delve into the entirety of this post.

Clary Fisher Childhood

With her unusually modest profile before and after her marriage to Simon Konecki, a celebrity, Clary stands out as one of the most mysterious celebrity spouses.

Her unwavering dedication to maintaining her privacy has allowed her to live a modest existence away from the public’s prying eyes and the turbulent world of controversy. To fortify this privacy, she has chosen to keep a tight lid on any information regarding her birth date, birthplace, or early life.

In the digital realm, a shroud of mystery envelops details about her parents’ names or any potential siblings. Despite the fervent curiosity of her fanbase, Clary remains steadfast in her decision to withhold these personal aspects. While admirers understandably seek insights into her family background, Clary has opted to keep this facet of her life veiled. The sparse facts divulged about her early years include a February birth, upbringing in Hove, a mixed ethnicity, and British nationality.

Clary Fisher Wiki & Facts

NameClary Fisher
ProfessionFashion Stylist
Marital statusMarried
ex-husbandSimon Konecki
HusbandPaul Collicutt
SchoolLondon College of Fashion
Height5 feet 3 inches

Clary Fisher Education

The esteemed London College of Fashion is where she received her education. She then enrolled at the University of Arts, London, where she earned a fashion design degree.

Clary, who runs a prosperous personal styling business, also prioritizes environmental sustainability and yoga in her birthplace of Hove.

Clary Fisher Marital Life

Embarking on their journey in the quaint city of Hove, Clary Fisher and her former spouse, Simon Konecki, shared the unique bond of being childhood neighbors in East Sussex, England. Their intertwined lives were shaped by a shared circle of friends, igniting a connection that seemed destined to withstand the test of time. What started as a profound friendship gradually evolved into a romantic relationship, paving the way for the union they believed would endure eternally.

The culmination of their journey came in 2004 when Clary Fisher and Simon Konecki, having traversed the stages of adolescence to adulthood together, exchanged vows in marriage. The fruits of their union manifested in the form of a child. However, the idyllic picture faced challenges, primarily stemming from Simon’s role as the CEO of Drop4Drop. His frequent city sojourns and interactions to expand his business became a source of strain on their marital harmony. Speculation lingered about the nature of his associations, particularly with the acclaimed singer Adele, during his commitment to Clary. The swirling rumors raised questions about fidelity and the intricacies of their relationship.

Clary Fisher Is The Ex-Wife Of Simon Konecki?

Fashion stylist Clary Fisher has a history of marriage. She got married to businessman and Drop4Drop CEO Simon Konecki. After initially running across each other in the early 2000s, the couple was married in the summer of 2004.

Initially, their connection as a couple was quite strong. However, complications arose when Simon relocated from the city due to work commitments. During this period, he also co-founded an eco-company with Jamie White, the stepson of Ron Wood from The Rolling Stones.

The demands of Simon’s work led to frequent relocations, causing a strain in their relationship. Consequently, around 2010, the couple decided to part ways, bringing an end to their years-long marriage.

Clary Fisher Husband

Clary’s spouse, Paul Collicutt, is a renowned figure in the realm of illustrative arts. Immersed in the world of art since 1984, he pursued his illustration studies at Brighton College of Art. His creative journey gained recognition with the Parent’s Gold Choice Award in America for his picture book, “This Train.” Operating from Brighton, East Sussex, Paul runs his art-centric business.

In addition to his artistic pursuits, Paul has contributed to sports as the former coach of Brighton Phoenix Track Open and BMC Races. In his personal life, he finds joy in his marriage to Clary, and the couple is blessed with a child named Bob Collicutt.

Marriage & Divorce With Simon Konecki

Fashion stylist Clary embarked on a marital journey with businessman Simon Konecki, their union beginning in the early 2000s and culminating in a summer wedding in 2004. The couple initially enjoyed a remarkable connection, but as time passed, shadows crept into their relationship.

By the year 2010, their paths diverged, marking the end of their longstanding marriage. Following her separation from Simon, Fisher entered into a second marriage with Paul Collicutt, an accomplished Illustrator and Storyboard artist. Taking on his last name after the wedding, the Collicutt duo is undeniably enamored and navigating a joyful life together. Fortunately, there is no hint of any separation in their harmonious relationship.

Clary Fisher’s Daughters

The accomplished stylist Clary is a proud parent with two children from her marriages. Her first daughter, born in 2007 from her union with Simon, remains unnamed as Clary has chosen to keep her identity private. Nevertheless, this young lady has blossomed into a wonderful individual and enjoys a strong connection with her parents.

Similarly, Clary welcomed her second child into the world from her marriage with Paul. Regularly sharing delightful glimpses on social media, Clary takes joy in posting photos of both her children. The family, including Paul and Fisher, exudes a warm and loving atmosphere, showcasing the strong bond they share with their kids.

Clary Fisher Lifestyle

While the specifics of Clary Fisher’s net worth and salary remain undisclosed, her flourishing career as a fashion stylist, coupled with her associations with prominent figures, suggests a substantial income. Clary values her privacy, steering clear of the public eye and maintaining a low profile. Notably, she is not engaged on social media platforms, further emphasizing her preference for a private personal life.

What Is Clary Fisher’s Profession?

Delving into the realm of her profession, Fisher stands out as a freelance fashion stylist and designer. Her expertise has been employed by numerous artists, engaging in a diverse array of projects. Fisher’s creations have garnered admiration and affection from a wide audience.

Despite the accolades pouring in on various social media platforms, it’s worth noting that Clary herself remains absent from these channels at present. Beyond her professional acclaim, Fisher is also recognized as the former spouse of Simon Konecki, a notable British charity entrepreneur renowned for his role as the CEO of Drop4Drop.

Clary Fisher Career

Beyond being a wife and a mother, Fisher carves her identity as a flourishing fashion stylist and designer.

Her journey in fashion began with a degree from the London College of Fashion and the University of the Arts London.

Collaborating with a myriad of artists and diverse projects—from TV shows to music bands and fashion extravaganzas Fisher has left her creative imprint.

Notable feats include styling for The Feeling, contributing to the aesthetics of The Voice UK, and leaving a mark on the runway of London Fashion Week.

Not confined to styling alone, Fisher has ventured into designing, launching her own clothing line. The collection boasts elegant and chic pieces, tailored for women with a taste for sophistication.

In essence, Fisher emerges as a woman of immense talent and style, navigating the realms of fashion with grace and creativity.

Clary Fisher Net Worth

In the future, Clary will have earned a substantial sum of money from her work as a fashion designer and stylist. Renowned individuals boasting net worths soaring into the six-figure realm, such as Vidal Sassoon ($200 million), Rachel Zoe ($2.5 million), and Chaz Dean ($11 million), exemplify the lucrative potential within this particular industry.

While Fisher’s precise financial standing remains elusive, speculations abound, suggesting her valuation could oscillate anywhere between $100,000 to $500,000. Fashion consultants in the United States garner, on average, an annual income ranging from $10,193 to $271,999, with $48,846 constituting the median remuneration.

Comparatively, the median pay for a fashion designer stands at $75,810, although Payscale reports an average of $66,137. If Fisher’s earnings align with these industry averages, it’s plausible that her net worth reaches into the millions.

Clary Fisher Social Media

Clary exclusively maintains a presence on Instagram, where her follower count hovers around 348. Through her Instagram posts, she generously offers glimpses into both her personal and professional spheres, providing a nuanced portrayal of her life.


In essence, Clary Fisher has skillfully navigated the intricacies of public scrutiny, woven into the fabric of her life through connections with high-profile figures. Concurrently, she has successfully forged a thriving path as a fashion stylist. Despite encountering marital tribulations, notably her divorce from Simon Konecki, Clary has demonstrated extraordinary resilience and unwavering determination. Her ability to safeguard her personal space, prioritize familial bonds, and ultimately discover joy alongside her current spouse, Paul Collicutt, underscores her remarkable journey.


Education and Career:

Clary Fisher, also known as Clary Collicutt, is a renowned fashion stylist and designer.She graduated from the prestigious London College of Fashion and further honed her skills at the University of Arts, London.Fisher has made significant contributions to the fashion industry, collaborating with various artists and working on notable projects.

Personal Life:

Clary Fisher was previously married to businessman Simon Konecki, who is the former spouse of singer Adele.She later married Paul Collicutt, a well-known figure in illustrative arts.Clary is a mother of two children, one from each marriage.

Privacy and Mystery:

Clary maintains a high level of privacy, keeping details about her childhood, parents, and early life undisclosed.She values her personal space and has chosen not to engage in social media, except for a presence on Instagram.

Career Highlights:

Fisher’s career spans styling for TV shows, music bands, and fashion events.

She has ventured into designing, launching her own clothing line that reflects sophistication and elegance.

Net Worth:

While Clary Fisher’s precise net worth is undisclosed, speculations suggest it could range from $100,000 to $500,000. Her income as a fashion stylist and designer could potentially place her in the million-dollar realm, aligning with industry averages.

Current Lifestyle:

Clary values her privacy and maintains a low profile. She currently lives a harmonious life with her husband, Paul Collicutt, and their children.

Social Media Presence:

Clary Fisher is not actively engaged in social media but has an Instagram presence with around 348 followers.


Having studied at the esteemed London College of Fashion and the University of Arts, London, Clary Fisher is a remarkable fashion stylist and designer. Beyond her career accomplishments, Clary is well-known for her influential contributions to the fashion industry and her innovative partnerships with a variety of artists.  Notably, she has been in the public eye as the former wife of Simon Konecki. Despite facing challenges in her personal life, Clary has exhibited resilience, striking a balance between her thriving career and family life with her current spouse, Paul Collicutt.


Who is Clary Fisher?

Clary Fisher is a renowned fashion stylist and designer, also known as Clary Collicutt. She gained attention for her connections, including being the former spouse of Simon Konecki, known for his marriage to singer Adele.

What is Clary Fisher’s educational background?

Clary Fisher graduated from the London College of Fashion and further pursued her education at the University of Arts, London, earning a fashion design degree.

How many children does Clary Fisher have?

Clary Fisher is a mother of two children, one from her marriage to Simon Konecki and another from her current marriage to Paul Collicutt.

What is Clary Fisher’s net worth?

While her precise net worth is undisclosed, speculations suggest it could range from $100,000 to $500,000, considering her career as a fashion stylist and designer.

Is Clary Fisher active on social media?

Clary Fisher is not actively engaged in social media but has a presence on Instagram with around 348 followers.

What are Clary Fisher’s career highlights?

Clary Fisher has had a successful career, collaborating with various artists, contributing to TV shows, music bands, and fashion events. She has also ventured into designing, launching her own clothing line.

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