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Magnali Brunelle, a Canadian lawyer, is largely responsible for Jared Keeso’s success. He is well-known for his parts in the hit comedy series Letterkenny. She has been his husband since 2018 and also serves as his closest confidante, partner, and supporter. Beyond the spotlight, Magali plays a significant role in Jared’s journey.

Who is Magali Brunelle Keeso?

In her professional life, Magali Brunelle Keeso thrives as a corporate lawyer, currently employed at Coveo, a Quebec-based Canadian technology company, as indicated on her Facebook profile. Amidst charting her distinctive course within the legal domain, she concurrently garners public acknowledgment as the life partner of the eminent thespian, Jared Keeso. This data stands current as of the 13th day of January in the year 2024.

Magali Brunelle Keeso Biography

Jared Keeso, the esteemed Canadian actor celebrated for his notable roles in various films and television series, has undeniably captivated the affections of many. Amidst the crescendo of his career, the personal realm of Keeso, especially his matrimonial journey, has become a captivating narrative for fans and media alike. Magali Brunelle Keeso, his spouse, emerges as a captivating and admirable personality, skillfully navigating a thriving professional trajectory while gracefully embracing the intricacies of being wedded to a public personal.

Magali Brunelle Keeso Education

Hailing from Montreal, Quebec, Magali Brunelle Keeso, born on April 10, has woven a life deeply rooted in her Canadian identity. Her academic odyssey led her to the University of Montreal, where she delved into International Studies and Political Science, culminating in the attainment of a B.Sc. (Honours) in 2011.

Driven by a fervor for legal advocacy, she navigated the corridors of law school at the same university, ultimately earning her LL.B. degree in 2013. Eager to expand her knowledge, Magali ventured to York University’s Osgoode Hall Law School, specializing in Intellectual Property Law and securing a Certificate in Intellectual Property Licensing in 2017.

Magali Brunelle Keeso Wiki

Magali Brunelle’s Net Worth$100 Thousand
AgeNot Known
Date of BirthApril 10
Place of BirthMontreal, Quebec
Height5 ft 5 in
ProfessionLawyer, Attorney

How Much Is Magali Brunelle Worth and What Does She Do for a Living?

Magali Brunelle serves as the Director and Legal Commercial expert at Coveo, a technology enterprise hailing from Quebec, Canada. This business specializes on providing innovative search and recommendation systems powered by AI. Magali is a valuable addition to the team because she has extensive knowledge in intellectual property law, having previously worked for a reputable Canadian law company called Fasken Martineau DuMoulin.

Her coworkers and clients alike acknowledge and value her professional competence. She does, however, keep her salary and net worth under wraps, which lends her financial situation a sense of mystique.

To further compound the mystery, Magali’s spouse, Jared Keeso, has an estimated net worth of $4 million, according to certain internet sources. Jared’s riches has been accumulated throughout a varied profession that includes writing, producing, and acting.

 Notably, he is the proud owner of Play Fun Games Pictures, a production company responsible for creating acclaimed projects such as Letterkenny and various other endeavors.

How Did Magali Brunelle and Jared Keeso Meet and Fall in Love?

Magali Brunelle and Jared Keeso embarked on their romantic journey in 2012, their connection kindled through mutual friends, forging an instant and profound bond. Beyond their shared affection, the couple finds common ground in their passion for exploration, hiking adventures, and the companionship of their cherished canine companion. This compatibility extends to their professional lives, with each supporting the other’s career pursuits while valuing the importance of personal space and privacy.

In a clandestine ceremony on Independence Day in 2018, Magali and Jared solidified their commitment, elevating their bond to unprecedented heights. The intricacies of their nuptials—the locale, attendees, and photographic records—remain veiled in secrecy. Magali and Jared, known for their discreet approach to personal matters, seldom disclose the nuances of their inner lives. Opting for a cautious strategy to shield the sanctity of their connection from the prying eyes of the media, they intentionally opt for a reserved demeanor, steering clear of the limelight and limiting public appearances.

Who Is Jared Keeso and Why Is He Famous?

In the sphere of cinematic and televised artistry, the distinguished Canadian luminary, Jared Keeso, doesn’t merely shine as an actor but also stands out as an adept screenwriter and producer, etching a conspicuous niche in the expansive domain of films and television. His laurels encompass dual Canadian Screen Awards, a testament to his captivating portrayals in the biographical sports drama “19-2” and the whimsically humorous opus, “Letterkenny,” a collaborative brainchild he co-forged and co-scribed. Beyond these, Keeso has lent his talents to an array of ventures such as “Elysium,” “Smallville,” “I Love You, Beth Cooper,” and “The Marine 3: Homefront.” Unquestionably, he reigns as one of Canada’s preeminent and multifaceted thespians, boasting a colossal international admirer base.

Do Magali Brunelle and Jared Keeso Have Any Children?

At present, Magali Brunelle and Jared Keeso find themselves in the delightful absence of parenthood. Their energies are fervently directed towards their individual professional pursuits, and as of now, there haven’t been any declarations about venturing into the realm of family expansion. Nevertheless, the duo shares the joyous company of Shoresy, an endearing canine companion prominently featured on Jared’s Instagram. Shoresy, a charming golden retriever, engages in lively play and heartwarming cuddles with his doting owners. Notably, he assumes the unofficial role of Letterkenny’s mascot and even graces the show with a delightful cameo appearance.

Magali Brunelle Keeso Career

Magali Brunelle Keeso, a seasoned corporate attorney, presently lends her legal expertise as a Coveo lawyer, as outlined in her Facebook profile. Coveo, a technology hub rooted in Quebec, Canada, is the backdrop for her legal endeavors, adding a distinctive dimension to her professional pursuits.

Yet, Magali is more prominently recognized as the celebrated spouse of the versatile actor, Jared Keeso, renowned for his dual roles as the mastermind and lead performer in the enduring comedy sensation, Letterkenny, which has seamlessly entertained audiences since its inception in 2016.

The pivotal year 2017 witnessed her husband’s series clinching a prestigious Canadian Screen Award in the coveted category of “Best Comedy Series.” Magali attended the award ceremony herself, and she posted a moving photo of her husband’s victory on Facebook to encapsulate the joyous occasion.

With his captivating roles in several TV series and movies, including 19-2, Keep Your Head Up Kid: The Don Cherry Story, and The Wrath of Grapes: The Don Cherry Story II, Jared Keeso, the primary guy in her life, has left a lasting effect.

In addition to winning him praise, his performance of Ben Chartier in 19-2 earned him a prestigious Canadian Screen Award.Beyond this, Jared’s portrayal of Don Cherry in the television films Keep Your Head Up Kid and The Wrath of Grapes earned him further acclaim, marked by the acquisition of Leo and Gemini awards.

Magali Brunelle Keeso Awards

The very interesting Canadian thespian Jared Keeso has received a lot of praise in Hollywood for his significant contributions to the Canadian film industry. Interestingly, his membership in the Canadian Film Institute attests to his prominence in the film industry.

2015 Jared witnessed the culmination of his professional zenith when he clinched the accolade for Outstanding Performance by a Thespian in a Persistent Leading Dramatic Capacity at the esteemed Canadian Screen Awards, acknowledging his extraordinary rendition in the cinematic masterpiece, “The Final Vessel.”

Beyond the acclaim, his depiction of Ben Chartier in the criminal intrigue opus “19-2,” airing from 2014 to 2017, not only garnered laudations but also secured an Emmy nomination, illuminating the intricacies and subtleties inherent in his thespian finesse.

ly won him praise but was nominated for an Emmy, demonstrating the nuance and complexity of his acting technique. Moreover, Jared was honored with the prestigious World Golf Championships Award in 2017 and 2018, underscoring his broad recognition that goes beyond the traditional boundaries of acting honors.

Magali Brunelle Keeso – Net Worth 2023

Transitioning to financial aspects, the Canadian attorney boasts a net wealth of $126,000 as of the year 2022. In contrast, her well-known spouse in the world of fame commands an estimated fortune of around $4 million in United States currency.

Body Measurements

Magali Brunelle Keeso’s specific body measurements, such as height, weight, and chest-waist-hip dimensions, along with her dress size, are currently undisclosed.

In reference to her prominent spouse, Jared is distinguished by a height of roughly 5 feet 10 inches and a weight of about 73 kg. His distinctive features include auburn hair and light blue eyes, while Magali herself possesses captivating hazel eyes and brown hair.

Magali Brunelle Keeso Personal Life

Jared Keeso stands out as a highly promising actor in the current industry landscape, having earned two nominations for the prestigious Canadian Film Award. The accomplished actor, known for his leading roles in various films and television productions, shares a familial bond with Magali, and together they are blessed with two children.

Magali, on the other hand, is deeply involved in the legal realm, specializing in intellectual property. A native of Montreal, Quebec, she marks her birthday on April 10th each year, as evident from her Facebook profile. Professionally, Magali lends her legal expertise to Coveo, a prominent Canadian technology firm headquartered in Quebec.

Magali Brunelle Keeso Family Life

The matter of Jared and Magali’s family planning has piqued the interest of their followers. Presently, the couple, who are without children, appears to be channeling their attention towards their individual career paths.

This deliberate decision to place emphasis on their professional endeavors before embarking on the journey of parenthood underscores their unwavering commitment to their respective callings.

Relationship Status

Magali Brunelle and Jared Keeso exchanged vows on July 4, 2018, sealing their commitment after navigating a period of a long-distance relationship. Recently, the couple joyously marked their inaugural wedding anniversary.

Magali, known for her privacy, seldom delves into her personal life and has refrained from making any public proclamations about her relationships or affairs over the past year. Her ability to maintain such discretion has added an air of intrigue to her personal life.

Magali Brunelle Keeso – Social Media

In the realm of social media, Keeso maintains a presence on Instagram under the username @magalibiki, boasting a follower count exceeding 600. Her account is set to private, ensuring that only approved followers have access to her activities on this platform.

Additionally, she upholds a personal profile on Facebook using her birth name “Magali Brunelle.” Furthermore, she made her debut on Twitter back in July 2009. On this platform, she goes by the username @MagaliBrunelle and has amassed a following of more than 200.


Profession: Magali Brunelle Keeso is a corporate lawyer currently serving as the Director and Legal Commercial expert at Coveo, a Quebec-based Canadian technology company.

Education: Born on April 10 in Montreal, Quebec, Magali pursued International Studies and Political Science, earning a B.Sc. (Honours) from the University of Montreal in 2011. She later obtained her LL.B. degree from the same university in 2013 and specialized in Intellectual Property Law at York University’s Osgoode Hall Law School, securing a Certificate in Intellectual Property Licensing in 2017.

Career: Magali’s legal expertise includes working for Fasken Martineau DuMoulin before joining Coveo. She is highly regarded by coworkers and clients for her professional competence.

Relationship with Jared Keeso: Magali and Jared Keeso met in 2012 through mutual friends and got married on Independence Day in 2018. They keep their personal lives private and rarely disclose details about their relationship.

Children: As of now, Magali and Jared do not have children. They share their lives with their beloved golden retriever, Shoresy.

Net Worth: Magali Brunelle Keeso’s net worth is estimated to be $100,000, while her husband Jared Keeso has an estimated net worth of $4 million.

Social Media Presence: Magali has a private Instagram account with the username @magalibiki, and she also has a personal profile on Facebook and Twitter.


Magali Brunelle Keeso is a successful corporate lawyer, known for her professional achievements and her role as the life partner of Jared Keeso, a renowned Canadian actor. With a strong educational background and expertise in Intellectual Property Law, she contributes to Coveo’s legal team. The couple, married since 2018, maintains a private and discreet lifestyle, sharing their home with their dog, Shoresy.


What is Magali Brunelle Keeso’s profession? Magali Brunelle Keeso is a corporate lawyer and serves as the Director and Legal Commercial expert at Coveo, a Canadian technology company.

When did Magali and Jared Keeso get married? Magali and Jared Keeso got married on Independence Day in 2018.

Do Magali and Jared Keeso have children? As of now, Magali and Jared Keeso do not have children. They share their home with their golden retriever, Shoresy.

What is Magali Brunelle Keeso’s net worth? Magali Brunelle Keeso’s net worth is estimated to be $100,000.

What is Jared Keeso’s net worth? Jared Keeso, Magali’s husband, has an estimated net worth of $4 million.

What is Magali Brunelle Keeso’s educational background? Magali studied International Studies and Political Science at the University of Montreal, earning a B.Sc. (Honours) in 2011. She later pursued law, obtaining her LL.B. degree in 2013 and specializing in Intellectual Property Law at York University’s Osgoode Hall Law School.

How did Magali Brunelle and Jared Keeso meet? Magali Brunelle and Jared Keeso met in 2012 through mutual friends, forging a deep connection that led to their marriage in 2018.

What is Magali Brunelle Keeso’s role at Coveo? Magali Brunelle Keeso serves as the Director and Legal Commercial expert at Coveo, a technology company based in Quebec, Canada.

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