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Who is Sherry Aon? “From Love Story to Family Life the Private World of Sherry Aon”

Who is Sherry Aon?

Sherry Aon, recognized as the spouse of the acclaimed American actor Rick Gonzalez, remains a private figure with undisclosed details about her birth date. Hailing from an African-American background, Sherry embraces her black ancestry and follows the Christian faith. However, specific information about her educational journey is not currently accessible.

Sherry Aon Biography

Sherry Aon, an American actress, entered the world in the United States. Despite her status as a public figure, Sherry remains discreet about her personal life, leaving her actual birth date shrouded in mystery. She extends this privacy to details about her parents and siblings, keeping that aspect of her life away from the public eye. Interestingly, while her partner Rick Gonzalez’s birthday is known (June 30, 1979), Sherry’s own birthday remains uncertain.

Sherry Aon Wiki

Full NameSherry Aon
Popular forWife of Rick Gonzalez
Estimated Net Worth$1 million dollars
Birth PlaceUnited States
Height5 feet 4 inches
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBrown
FatherTony Cass
SpouseRick Gonzalez

Sherry Aon Education

While there is no dedicated educational institution named “Sherry Aon College & Education,” it’s noteworthy that Aon Corporation, a well-established entity, operates on a global level. Aon Corporation specializes in delivering professional services that span various domains, including risk management, insurance, reinsurance brokerage, along with human resources consulting and outsourcing.

Personal Life of Sherry Aon with Rick Gonzalez

Rick Gonzalez and Sherry Aon’s love story began in high school, where Sherry found herself captivated by the charms of the American actor. After years of companionship, they sealed their commitment in 2012, formalizing their bond after a considerable time spent together.

The addition of their daughter, Skylar Gonzalez, on July 26, 2013, brought an abundance of joy, completing the familial picture for Sherry Aon and Rick Gonzalez.

This close-knit family exudes contentment and fulfillment. Sherry, valuing her personal life, refrains from sharing intricate details on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Notably, she holds a special admiration for the actor Arsenio Hall.

Sherry finds immense joy in creating lasting memories with her daughter, indulging in family vacations and exploring new places together. The importance of forging these cherished family moments is a core aspect of her life philosophy.

While Sherry Aon shares her father’s name openly, she maintains a veil of privacy around her extended family. Her bond with 58-year-old Tony Cass holds special significance, but information about her mother and siblings remains undisclosed. Prioritizing the sanctity of her private life, Sherry places emphasis on the intimate moments shared within her family circle.

Family Life of Sherry Aon

Nestled in the tranquil surroundings of Hidden Hills, California, Sherry Aon, her husband Rick Gonzalez, and their delightful 9-year-old daughter Skylar have carved out a home. Beyond being a mere backdrop, this picturesque location becomes the canvas for their cherished family moments.

In a recent endeavor that transcends scent, the family collaborated to produce a video promoting Calvin Klein’s Eternity For Men perfume, signifying the smooth transition between their personal and professional lives.

Their house in Hidden Hills is more than simply a place to live; it’s a haven of seclusion and peace.

Within these walls, they craft stories that fortify family bonds, shielded from the hustle of the entertainment industry and the gaze of public scrutiny.

Sherry consciously maintains a modest online presence, a purposeful decision to safeguard her family’s privacy and protect those precious moments. This choice reflects their values, prioritizing the preservation of intimate family experiences in a world often consumed by the pursuit of attention.

The goal is to uncover the significant events and encounters that mold Sherry Aon’s life against the tranquil backdrop of Hidden Hills, California.

Sherry Aon’s Relationships

Sherry Aon shares her life with Rick Gonzalez, the acclaimed American actor renowned for his role as Naps in Roll Bounce. While the specifics of their marital status remain ambiguous, the couple currently shares a living space, leaving the question of marriage unanswered. The onset of their romantic journey is also shrouded in mystery.

The duo, however, radiates joy as parents to a daughter, an aspect of their life they keep relatively private. Their journey into parenthood began on July 26, 2013, marking the arrival of their first child. In a candid interview about fatherhood, Rick expressed, “It’s fantastic. It’s exhausting, and there’s no sleep, but it’s a lot of fun.” Presently, the couple enjoys a fulfilling life with their child, evident from Rick’s social media glimpses showcasing frequent family vacations.

Observing their online presence, it’s apparent that Sherry and Rick cherish each other’s company, frequently spending quality time together, encapsulating the essence of their shared happiness.

Age, Height and Weight

While Sherry Aon hasn’t explicitly discussed her body type, a visual inspection suggests a figure that falls between slim and curvy. Though specifics regarding her height and weight remain undisclosed, an estimated body weight of around 50-55 kg is inferred from her appearance. Her physique exudes a balance that enhances her overall beauty, complemented by dark brown hair and captivating black eyes.

Judging from her images, it becomes apparent that Sherry invests effort in maintaining her body. Engaging in potential gym sessions and regular workouts for 1 or 2 hours, coupled with a conscientious dietary regimen, contribute to her well-maintained physique. These lifestyle choices not only keep her fit but also contribute to a youthful appearance. It is likely that she seeks guidance on diet and protein intake from a dedicated instructor, ensuring a holistic approach to her well-being.

Political Positions

Sherry Aon maintains a stance of political detachment. In the midst of the prevailing uncertainties, she consciously steers clear of immersing herself in the political arena. The intricacies and subtleties of politics don’t resonate with her personal interests. Sherry has shown no inclination to step into the political sphere, and, truth be told, she doesn’t harbor a notable concern for ongoing political affairs.

Sherry Aon’s Professional Life

Sherry Aon gained visibility through her relationship with Rick Gonzalez. However, details about her professional endeavours remain undisclosed. Whether engaged in business or pursuing other ventures, her current occupation remains a mystery. Rick, her partner, boasts a noteworthy career as an American actor, gracing screens in various films and television shows like Roll Bounce, Arrow, Thicker Than Blood, Biker Boyz, and more. Additionally, Rick released a mixtape album titled “The Invisible Man” and contributed to Billy Rap’s final album, “Mic Tyson,” released in October 2012.

Sherry Aon Career

As for her professional journey, Sherry Aon is in the process of carving out her career path. In contrast, her husband, Rick Gonzalez, stands as a notable figure in the entertainment industry, with a significant footprint in both television and film. Rick’s foray into acting began in 1997, marked by noteworthy roles in various TV shows and movies. His breakthrough came with the television movie “Thicker than Blood,” catapulting him to recognition and setting the stage for future achievements.

Rick’s charisma extended to popular TV series like “Boston Public,” “The Shield,” “Rapper’s Law,” and “Law and Order,” amplifying his fame, surpassing that of his wife due to his exceptional acting prowess. Going beyond television, Rick showcased his versatility by featuring in music videos, further solidifying his impact and presence within the dynamic landscape of the entertainment industry.

Awards & Achievements

Despite putting forth her best efforts to showcase her talents, Sherry Aon is yet to be adorned with any prestigious awards. Undeterred by this, she perseveres, continuing to give her utmost to attain the recognition she aspires to achieve. Sherry continues to exhibit a determined spirit in her drive toward perfection by staying true to her commitment to honing her craft. Even if she hasn’t received many awards yet, her tenacity and unshakable love for what she does inspire her to pursue new chances, exhibiting a deep commitment to her creative pursuits.

Sherry Aon Net Worth

Amidst the secrecy shrouding Sherry Aon’s financial portfolio, her spouse, Rick Gonzalez, has amassed a substantial wealth courtesy of his flourishing tenure in the entertainment domain, estimated to hover around the $1 million mark.

Rick Gonzalez’s trajectory within the entertainment realm has been underscored by triumphs. His involvement in a myriad of cinematic and television productions has significantly bolstered his financial prosperity. His in-demand performances have not only garnered acclaim but have also translated into substantial remuneration for his contributions across both the small and big screens.

Crucially, it’s imperative to acknowledge that net worth is an intricate interplay of various elements, encompassing earnings, investments, and personal pursuits. The financial gains accrued by Sherry Aon and Rick Gonzalez from their forays into the entertainment industry likely play a pivotal role in shaping their combined net worth.

As we venture deeper into the intricacies of Sherry Aon’s existence, our objective is to unravel the fiscal panorama of her familial sphere and its metamorphosis over the temporal expanse. Stay attuned for a journey into the captivating facets of Sherry Aon’s reality.

Sherry Aon Social Media

The elegant spouse of the prominent personality deliberately abstains from engaging in the realms of social media such as Instagram and Twitter, a conscious choice made to shield the sanctity of her family’s private sphere. She opts for a more discreet approach, steering clear of sharing the intricacies of her personal life with the general public.

Owing to her intentional absence from social media platforms, there exists a relative dearth of information regarding her background or personal preferences. Meanwhile, her spouse, an active presence on Instagram with a substantial following of 406k, sporadically shares snapshots featuring Sherry and their daughter, offering fleeting glimpses into their cherished family moments.


Personal Life: Sherry Aon is the wife of renowned American actor Rick Gonzalez. She is an American with an African-American background, following the Christian faith.

Birth and Family: Sherry Aon’s exact birth date is undisclosed, and she keeps details about her parents and siblings private. She shares a close bond with her father, Tony Cass.

Relationship with Rick Gonzalez: Sherry and Rick’s love story began in high school, and they formalized their commitment in 2012. They have a daughter named Skylar, born on July 26, 2013.

Residence: Sherry Aon, along with Rick and their daughter, resides in Hidden Hills, California, enjoying a private and secluded family life.

Professional Life: While Rick Gonzalez is a well-known actor, details about Sherry’s professional endeavours are undisclosed. She values her privacy and has a modest online presence.

Social Media Absence: Sherry intentionally avoids social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter to safeguard her family’s privacy.

Net Worth: Sherry Aon’s net worth is not specified, but her husband, Rick Gonzalez, is estimated to have a net worth of around $1 million, primarily from his successful acting career.

Political Stance: Sherry Aon maintains a stance of political detachment and doesn’t express notable interest in political affairs.


Sherry Aon, recognized for her connection with actor Rick Gonzalez, is a private individual whose personal details, such as her birth date and professional pursuits, remain confidential. The couple values privacy and has chosen to make their home in Hidden Hills, California, where they live with their daughter Skylar.


What is Sherry Aon’s profession? Sherry Aon’s profession is not specified in the provided information. She gained visibility through her relationship with Rick Gonzalez, who is a well-known actor.

What is Sherry Aon’s net worth? Although Sherry Aon’s net worth is unknown, Rick Gonzalez, her spouse, is thought to be worth approximately $1 million.

Why does Sherry Aon avoid social media? Sherry Aon intentionally avoids social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter to protect her family’s privacy.

Where does Sherry Aon reside? Sherry Aon, along with her husband Rick Gonzalez and their daughter Skylar, resides in Hidden Hills, California.

What is known about Sherry Aon’s family background? Sherry Aon has not disclosed much about her family background, except for her close bond with her father, Tony Cass.

Is Sherry Aon involved in any political activities? Sherry Aon maintains a stance of political detachment and does not show notable interest in political affairs.

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