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Peri Momm Age, Wiki, Bio And Know About Dolph Lundgren’s First Wife

Peri Momm never sought the spotlight, but somehow, life led her there. Yet, when tough times hit, it’s a stark reminder of life’s unpredictable nature.

For those who might not know, Peri Momm was Dolph Lundgren’s first wife. It’s interesting how life moves forward for some while others seem stuck in a particular chapter. I’m not passing judgment on his choices—everyone has the right to marry whoever they choose. It’s just touching to witness these different paths.

This situation brings to mind Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt. We all remember when he famously parted ways with Angelina Jolie, and Jennifer decided not to pursue another marriage. After that tumultuous time, Jennifer openly shared that she hadn’t felt the same kind of love again.

She eventually found solace in being alone after realizing that the space in her heart reserved for Brad would always stay unoccupied. I know Jennifer Aniston isn’t lacking in any way, but it does make me wonder what might have led to her being turned down.


NamePeri Momm
BirthplaceUnited States of America
AgeMaybe in her 40s

Peri Momm Age

Peri Momm is like a mystery wrapped in secrecy when it comes to her personal life. There’s hardly any info about her birthday or age, leaving everyone guessing.

But hey, when you look at her, there are those sneaky hints that make you think, “Hmm, she might be in her forties.” It’s all based on observations, though—no solid proof to back it up. Just some good old speculation from what we can see.

Dolph Lundgren First Wife: Meet Peri Momm

Peri Momm entered the scene as Dolph Lundgren’s first spouse. Their story began in 1991, right around the time Dolph was hitting it big in Hollywood. It’s kind of ironic—she stayed away from the glitz and glam despite being tied to a movie star. Her vibe was more about staying low-key, especially when Dolph’s fame skyrocketed after “Rocky IV.”

That film turned Dolph into an international sensation. From then on, he was the go-to guy for action-packed roles, racking up more than 80 films, most of them full of adrenaline.

In 2010, things took a turn when he starred in “The Expendables,” a real game-changer that switched up his career path. He’d been doing direct-to-video flicks for a while, but this was a big leap.

The guy’s not just about throwing punches on screen; he’s got some serious talent behind the scenes too. He co-wrote and produced “Skin Trade,” a gritty thriller shedding light on human trafficking. That was a move showing he’s more than just an action hero.

And hey, he revisited old characters too, like Ivan Drago in “Creed II.” Fans went wild for that nostalgic blast from the past. Now there’s talk about “The Expendables 4,” where he’s set to reprise his role as Gunner Jensen. The man’s keeping the action alive.

Plus, he’s been popping up in unexpected places, like playing Mera’s father in “Aquaman” and showing up in “Arrow” as this big-shot Bratva leader named Konstantin Kovar. Seems like he’s not just sticking to one lane in the industry.

Peri Momm Relationship Status

Peri Momm and Dolph’s marriage was not the lasting love story many expected. Between 1991 and 1992, they were married for a year.

Peri is reported to be living alone. Rumours persist that she has avoided intimate relationships since divorcing Dolph. She appears to have found great comfort in solitude. Peri and Dolph met in the early 1990s and had a passionate, deep relationship.

Their love grew so much that they decided to marry. The couple married in 1991. We will update you if we learn more about their first meeting, Dolph’s proposal, and their wedding.

Peri and Dolph spent a long time together after their wedding, creating a picture of marital bliss. The ideal harmony was disturbed in late 1991 when the lovers unexpectedly split up. Unfortunately, the cause of their perfect union’s breakup is unknown.

Dolph Lundgren had numerous notable romances before Peri. His 1980s relationships included Grace Jones and Paula Barbieri. These dalliances were brief, but his fateful meeting with Peri Momm led to a relationship and marriage.

After his marriage to Peri ended, Dolph remarried Anette Qviberg in Marbella in 1994. Unfortunately, this reunion ended with a 2011 divorce. Dolph and Anette had two children, Ida Sigrid and Greta Eveline Lundgren, who are a reminder of their heritage.

Physical Appearance

Hair ColourBrown
Eye ColourBlue

Peri Momm’s Net Worth

Peri Momm, a striking yet ordinary American, keeps her professional life under wraps. She’s tight-lipped about her job, earnings, and overall worth, adding to her air of mystery. But hey, she’s clearly doing well for herself.

Now, her claim to fame? That’s tied to Dolph Lundgren. The man’s a Hollywood legend with an estimated $18 million in the bank, all thanks to his solid grind in the movie biz. His wealth mostly came from the smashing success of his films, especially those roaring hits back in the ’80s and ’90s.

One of those big hits? “Rocky IV.” That flick raked in a whopping $300.4 million at the box office! Considering it was made on a $28 million budget, you’ve got to hand it to them—that’s one seriously successful movie.

Where Is Peri Momm Now?

Peri Momm vanished from the spotlight right after her split from Dolph. Their whirlwind romance lasted only a year before they went their separate ways. But before Dolph, she wasn’t exactly a household name. Her sudden rise to fame came hand in hand with their relationship, and man, did they captivate people.

The big question remains: What went down between these two head-over-heels lovebirds that made them split? Was it drama or just growing apart? It’s a pity neither spilled the beans about their breakup.

Dolph moved on, got hitched again, and stepped into the whole dad scene. But his new marriage hit some bumps, ending in another separation. Now, he’s making headlines for his new flame from Norway, with some folks raising eyebrows at their age gap.

But what about Peri? Maybe she’s found peace and happiness in her own quiet world. Being low-key doesn’t mean she’s unhappy. Nowadays, loads of famous folks are craving that escape from the crazy public eye. Maybe fame just didn’t click with her, and she slipped back into her old life, happy as can be.


Q1.Who is Peri Momm, and why is she known in the media?

A1.Peri Momm is known as the first wife of actor Dolph Lundgren. She gained some attention due to her association with him but generally remained out of the spotlight.

Q2.When did Peri Momm marry Dolph Lundgren?

A2.The 1991 marriage of Peri Momm and Dolph Lundgren lasted only a year.

Q3.Can you describe Dolph Lundgren’s career?

A3.Hollywood actor Dolph Lundgren does action roles. Since playing Ivan Drago in “Rocky IV,” he has appeared in over 80 films, including “The Expendables” series.

Q4.Did Peri Momm have any children with Dolph Lundgren?

A4.There is no information in the article regarding Peri Momm having children with Dolph Lundgren. Dolph had children with his second wife, Anette Qviberg.

Q5.What is Peri Momm’s current relationship status?

A5.Peri Momm’s current relationship status is not clear. The article suggests that she may have chosen to live alone and avoid intimate relationships after divorcing Dolph Lundgren.

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