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Brighton Butler Divorce : Bio, Education, Wiki, Familly, Career, Awards, Net Worth And Others


Brighton The Day stands out as a captivating fashion and lifestyle blog crafted by Brighton Keller Butler, a Denver resident with a passion for sharing her experiences. Embarking on this creative journey in 2012, the 30-year-old initially centered her focus on fashion, gradually cultivating a dedicated and enthusiastic audience. Over time, Brighton expanded her content horizons beyond daily outfit showcases, delving into diverse subjects like self-improvement, beauty, and travel. This expansion has not only enriched the blog but also struck a chord with her already-committed readership.

Brighton Butler Divorce 

On the 2nd of May, 2023, it was officially disclosed that Brighton Keller and Duncan Butler were going through a divorce. Although Brighton is rumored to be the one initiating the legal separation, the couple has chosen to keep the specifics of their divorce under wraps. Speculation is rife that the potential cause revolves around variances in their approaches to parenting. As of January 12, 2024, the situation remains surrounded by a degree of uncertainty.

Who Is Brighton Butler?

Her recent surge in popularity isn’t solely attributed to the latest headlines. Brighton has already amassed a significant fan base thanks to her blog, “Brighton The Day.” Although there are contradicting birth dates from different sources, this one seems more reliable. Born in the USA on October 24, 1991.

In addition to having a flawless sense of style, Brighton is a successful blogger and has a bachelor’s degree in business. Despite initially aspiring for Wall Street, her journey led her to explore other interests.

Contrary to any speculation, Brighton hails from a stable and loving family. Her father worked as a real estate agent, and her mother was a professional lawyer who also delved into business by launching a shoe line. This exposure sparked Brighton’s interest in the world of fashion.

A woman of strong determination, recent events in her life underscore her resilience during challenging times.

Brighton Butler Biography

Brighton Keller stands out as a prominent and affluent blogger, born on December 8, 1989, in the United States. Under the moniker Brighton The Day, she primarily focuses on fashion, while also delving into topics like faith, beauty, and travel.

Notably, Brighton, along with Lilly Ghalichi, pursued education at The Red McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin. Their shared academic journey reflects their business-oriented backgrounds.

In her family, Brighton has two younger sisters and an older brother. Originally from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, she later relocated to Dallas, Texas. It’s worth mentioning that the mother of her daughter, Dee Keller, is a notable shoe designer.

Brighton Butler Education

Despite her initial aspirations for a career on Wall Street, Brighton Keller chose to embark on a journey that took a different turn, eventually earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Business. Her fascination with the world of fashion and her growing interest in blogging gradually steered her towards a unique and fulfilling career path. This shift marked the beginning of Brighton’s exploration into the dynamic intersection of business, style, and digital content creation, setting the stage for her influential presence in the blogging landscape.

Brighton Butler Wiki & Facts

Full Real NameBrighton Keller
Family NameN/A
Date Of BirthDecember 8th, 1989
BirthdayDecember 8th
Year Of Birth1989
Nick NameN/A
Current ResidenceN/A
CountryUnited States

Brighton Butler Personal Life

Brighton Butler is the spouse of Duncan Butler, a successful entrepreneur and lawyer. Their union was celebrated in a picturesque ceremony held in Texas in 2020. Initially characterized by love and support, recent developments have led them to make the difficult decision to pursue a divorce.

While the precise reasons behind their separation have not been publicly disclosed, reports suggest that Duncan is grappling with addiction and is presently undergoing treatment in rehab. This personal struggle has undoubtedly cast a shadow over their relationship and played a role in their choice to part ways.

Financial dependency has also emerged as a contributing factor. Navigating financial matters can often strain relationships, and it appears to have been a challenge for Brighton and Duncan as well, contributing to their marital difficulties.

Recognizing that divorce is a personal affair and handling the topic delicately are crucial. It’s imperative that spectators respect the couple’s right to privacy and refrain from making assumptions or inferences.Let’s send Brighton and Duncan our best wishes as they get through this difficult time in their lives.

Brighton Butler Family

Brighton Butler’s divorce hasn’t affected her relationship with her kids, despite popular belief. Her two gorgeous children, a daughter named Four born in 2021 and a son named Charlie born in 2018, are the product of her loving care.

Brighton is very attached to both of her kids and values their welfare above all else. She takes her responsibilities as a mother very seriously. Her social media posts, where she occasionally shares TikTok videos on Instagram featuring her kids’ daily activities and playful moments, demonstrate this devotion.  Their tight-knit bond is palpable as they engage in simple yet joyous activities, displaying genuine love and connection.

Even during Duncan’s tenure, he occasionally shared glimpses of his relationship with the children, whether it was bonding over a game of golf with his son or spending quality time together. Despite the changes in their family dynamics, Brighton and Duncan continue to prioritize and cherish their roles as parents.

Brighton Butler Relationships Status

Based on available information, it appears that Brighton Keller is currently single and hasn’t been engaged in the past. As of February 1, 2024, she is not in a relationship.

In terms of her relationship history, there are no records of previous romantic involvements for Brighton Keller. If you have any insights or details, you can contribute to building the dating records for her.

In the realm of facts and trivia, Brighton holds a position on the list of most popular bloggers and is also recognized in the elite list of famous individuals born in the United States. Notably, her birthday is celebrated on December 8 every year.

Brighton Butler’s Career

Brighton Butler embarked on her career journey in 2011, prompted by discussions among her friends. Despite initially having no knowledge in the field, her dedication and sincerity have transformed her into a fashion diva.

Originally a business graduate with aspirations similar to her parents, fate had different plans for her. The launch of her mother’s Italian shoe line ignited Brighton’s enthusiasm for delving into the world of fashion.

The inception of her fashion blog, ‘Brighton The Day,’ in 2011 marked the beginning of its thriving success. Beyond fashion, the blog encompasses beauty, travel, and personal glimpses.

In addition to her blogging endeavors, Brighton has gained popularity as an influencer, providing fashion advice that serves as inspiration for women worldwide.

Her career extends beyond the realm of fashion, as she holds the official title of co-founder for the NGO Les Filles a La Mode, dedicated to raising funds for the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina’s destruction.

Despite facing the challenges of a divorce, Brighton Butler remains undeterred in her career pursuits a testament to her resilience and determination. More power to this inspiring and determined woman!

Brighton Butler Awards

Brighton Butler’s age doesn’t act as a barrier to her ambition or success. She has been well-known as a fashion blogger and influencer over the years thanks to her platform “Brighton The Day.” Her dedication to her work and passion for fashion have resulted in partnerships with esteemed companies, setting an example for other style aficionados.

Beyond her fashion pursuits, Brighton Butler’s positive and uplifting online presence has firmly established her as a notable figure in the digital realm. Her authenticity and relatability have endeared her to many, extending her influence far beyond the realms of fashion.

Brighton Butler’s incredible journey has seen her transform from a mere fashion influencer to a champion of self-expression and empowerment. She exhorts her followers to face life’s obstacles with grace and tenacity in addition to embracing their own sense of style.

Brighton Butler’s Net Worth

Brighton Butler has garnered significant popularity through her well-known fashion blog, leaving fans eager to know about her financial standing. X’s amassed financial standing from the preceding fiscal year reached an impressive $5 million, underscoring her triumphs in various endeavors.

Her revenue streams emanate from a diverse array of origins, encompassing her weblogs, advantageous collaborations with opulent commodities, advertising proceeds, and participation in noteworthy occasions and promotional initiatives.

Brighton’s substantial and organic fan following on both social media and her website has contributed to the robust financial success she enjoys.


Divorce Announcement: Brighton Keller Butler, popularly known as Brighton Butler, announced her divorce from Duncan Butler on May 2, 2023.

Speculation Around the Cause: While the specific reasons for the divorce remain undisclosed, there is speculation that differences in parenting approaches might be a contributing factor.

Parenting Variances: Rumors suggest that the couple’s potential divorce revolves around disagreements in their parenting styles.

Duncan Butler’s Struggles: Reports indicate that Duncan Butler is currently undergoing treatment for addiction, which has reportedly played a role in the strain on their relationship.

Financial Challenges: Financial dependency has been cited as another contributing factor to their marital difficulties.

Privacy and Respect: Despite the public nature of their lives, it’s emphasized that divorce is a personal affair, and spectators should respect the couple’s right to privacy.


Brighton Butler, a prominent fashion and lifestyle blogger, announced her divorce from Duncan Butler on May 2, 2023. The specific reasons for the divorce remain undisclosed, but there are speculations around variances in parenting styles, Duncan’s struggle with addiction, and financial challenges. The couple has chosen to keep the details private, and it’s emphasized that respecting their privacy is crucial.


When did Brighton Butler announce her divorce?

Brighton Butler announced her divorce on May 2, 2023.

What are the speculated reasons for Brighton Butler’s divorce?

Speculations include differences in parenting styles, Duncan Butler’s struggle with addiction, and financial challenges.

Is Duncan Butler undergoing treatment for addiction?

Yes, reports suggest that Duncan Butler is currently undergoing treatment for addiction.

What is Brighton Butler’s response to her divorce?

Brighton Butler has chosen to keep the details of her divorce private, emphasizing the importance of respecting their privacy.

How many children does Brighton Butler have?

Brighton Butler has two children, a daughter named Four (born in 2021) and a son named Charlie (born in 2018).

What is Brighton Butler’s career beyond blogging?

Brighton Butler is not only a successful blogger but also a co-founder of the NGO Les Filles a La Mode, dedicated to raising funds for the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

What is Brighton Butler’s net worth?

Brighton Butler’s net worth reached an impressive $5 million in the preceding fiscal year, derived from various sources such as her blog, collaborations, advertising, and participation in events.

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