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Capturing Hearts: The Intriguing Relationship of Brooke Elliott and Ross Ford


Born on November 16, 1974, Brooke Elliott is a well-known American artist who specializes in acting and singing. She enthralls audiences in both Broadway and musical theater roles from her varied repertory. She starred in the US tours of “Beauty and the Beast” and “Wicked,” and she had notable parts in Broadway musicals like “Taboo” and “The Pirate Queen.”

Brooke Elliott Husband

Brooke Elliott, celebrated for her memorable performances in “Drop Dead Diva” and “Supergirl,” shares a deep bond with her husband, Ross Ford. Ross, a versatile musician and photographer, has not only won her heart but also plays a significant role in her life.

Exploring the dynamics of “Brooke Elliott’s husband” offers insights into their relationship dynamics, personal journeys, and how they influence each other’s professional endeavors.

Identity: Ross Ford, musician and photographer

Occupation: Multi-talented artist

Relationship Status: Married since 2018

Impact on Brooke’s Career: Supportive and encouraging partner

Personal Life: Private and low-key

Shared Interests: Music and the arts

Public Appearances: Occasionally attend events together

Future Plans: Continue to support each other’s endeavors

These elements underscore the deep connection and mutual admiration shared between Brooke Elliott and her spouse, Ross Ford. Their common passion for the arts and dedication to their professional paths have forged a nurturing and encouraging companionship.

Who Is Brooke Elliott?

Brooke Elliott was said to be born in Fridley, Minnesota, situated north of Minneapolis. During her formative years, her family relocated to multiple states, such as Missouri, Oklahoma, and Illinois, before finally settling in Michigan. From a young age, the now 48-year-old actress harbored a deep passion for singing, making her graduation with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre Performance from Western Michigan University a natural progression.

Brooke Elliott has reminisced about her early days in entertainment, recalling that she started captivating audiences as early as age 3. She fondly mentioned, “I began singing when I was very young,” and shared anecdotes of singing “You Light up My Life” on old video tapes when she was just 3 years old, as she mentioned to The News Herald.

Brooke Elliott Biography

As the main character in Lifetime’s critically acclaimed television series Drop Dead Diva, Brooke Elliott became well-known and commanded the screen for an impressive six seasons. Gracie Awards for her breakthrough performance as a rising comic artist and the coveted 2012 Women’s Image Network Award for her outstanding humorous portrayal were given to her in recognition of her contributions to the success of the show. Her acting abilities were further recognized when she was nominated for the prestigious 2009 Satellite Award, which honored her as the highest achievement in a comedy, series, or musical, and the prestigious 2014 and 2011 PRISM Award, which recognized her extraordinary comedic talents.

Venturing into the world of performing arts, Brooke Elliott initially graced the theatrical stage, marking her Broadway debut in the illustrious Boy George-composed and Rosie O’Donnell-produced musical, Taboo. Transitioning seamlessly from an ensemble role to commanding the lead as Sue, she captivated audiences with her multifaceted talents. Her theatrical journey continued to flourish with notable appearances in Schonberg and Boublil’s masterful creation, The Pirate Queen, solidifying her reputation as a versatile performer capable of embodying diverse roles with finesse. Her theatrical prowess extended beyond Broadway, as she enthralled audiences in the initial cast of the First National Tour of Wicked and captivated hearts in the Broadway tour of Disney’s timeless classic, Beauty and the Beast.

Beyond her stellar acting career, Brooke Elliott showcased her directorial acumen in Season 1 of the captivating web-series, Say Hello, demonstrating her multifaceted talents behind the camera as well.

Real NameBrooke Elliott
Nick NameBrooke
Date Of BirthNovember 16, 1974
Age48 years old
BirthplaceFridley County, Minnesota
ProfessionActress, Singer
Height5 feet 4 inches
Weight62 kg
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBrown
Net Worth$500k

Brooke Elliott Childhood

On November 16, 1974, Brooke Elliott was born in Fridley County, Minnesota, to Kathleen and Robert Elliott. Her parents remember her sweet singing at the age of three, captured on priceless videotapes when she performed “You Light Up My Life.” Her vocal prowess was evident from an early age. Her academic path culminated in her 1993 graduation from Riverview, Michigan’s Gabriel Richard Catholic School, where she excelled academically and participated in school performances.

While attending Gabriel Richard Catholic School, Brooke Elliott left a lasting impression on the audience with her performances in shows such as “The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat,” “Joseph,” and “Richard III”. Her dedication to her artistic endeavors was strengthened in 1998 when she obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre Performance from Western Michigan University, enhancing her proficiency and passion for the performing arts.

Despite receiving high praise from the public and enjoying professional success, Brooke Elliott chooses to keep her private affairs hidden from prying eyes. Beyond the flash and glamour of the entertainment world, her ideals and devotion to social problems are shown in her unflinching support for women’s rights.

Brooke Elliott Age

Brooke Elliott, aged 48, was born on November 16, 1974, in Fridley, Anoka, Minnesota, United States. Her journey as an actor spans across a rich and illustrious career marked by notable achievements and contributions to the entertainment industry.

Body Measurements

Standing at five feet five inches (1.65 meters) tall, Elliot weighs 82 kilos. Her dark brown hair goes well with her gorgeous brown eyes. The remaining measurements are as follows: the chest measures 104 cm, the waist measures 91 cm, and the hips are 99 cm. Elliot, a well-known and highly praised curvy actress in Hollywood, publicly supports body positivity. She staunchly believes that true beauty transcends physical dimensions, emphasizing that self-worth is not tied to conforming to a size-zero figure.

Brooke Elliott Nationality and Ethnicity

American actress Brooke Elliott, whose lineage includes English, Austrian, German, Irish, and some Dutch, has made the most of her varied background to enhance her performances and support the depiction of other cultures in the entertainment industry.

Drawing on her multicultural upbringing, Brooke Elliott glides between parts with ease, from that of a quick-witted confidante in popular sitcoms to that of a grief-stricken daughter in moving dramas. A variety of characters that accurately depict America’s inclusive and diverse society have resulted from this adaptability.

Whether it’s via making people laugh or feel empathy through poignant performances, Brooke never fails to enthrall and motivate audiences from all walks of life. She says so beautifully that a person’s heritage can be a very effective storytelling tool, telling tales that connect with listeners from all cultural backgrounds.

Brooke Elliott’s Career

Brooke Elliott started her career as a server at a themed restaurant in 1998, following her graduation from Western Michigan University with a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts. She relocated to Chicago in 1999, where she was cast in the theatrical production of “Babies with Blades.” She made her professional theater debut when she was cast in the Disney touring version of “Beauty and the Beast.”

As Elliott performed onstage alongside Adam Lambert in the Broadway blockbuster “Wicked” during its US tour, her brilliance was further highlighted. Her friendship with Lambert, who went on to become well-known on “American Idol,” demonstrated her encouragement of other musicians. Moving from television to the big screen, she starred in Mel Gibson’s 2000 film “Woman in Park” before making her TV debut in a 2009 episode of “Law & Order: Trial by Jury.”

However, Elliott’s real rise to stardom came from her portrayal of Jane Bingum in the adored television series “Drop Dead Diva”. Elliott cemented her name in the entertainment world by embodying the role and contributing her vocal skills to the show’s soundtrack, a feat praised by series producer Craig Zadan for her portrayal.

Brooke Elliott’s Net Worth

Brooke Elliott, an American thespian and vocalist, possesses a financial worth of $5 million. Brooke Elliott, hailing from Fridley, Minnesota, in 1974, attained a degree in Musical Theatre Performance from Western Michigan University. Commencing her artistic journey during secondary education in Michigan, she was bestowed with the honor of being the graduation vocalist for her cohort. Subsequently, she secured employment at an eatery where she was mandated to perform table dances numerous times daily. Her inaugural appearance on screen occurred in 2000, featuring in a minor role in the film “What Women Want.”

She managed to secure roles in various Broadway musical productions prior to attaining a breakthrough role as Jane Bingum in the renowned Lifetime series “Drop Dead Diva.” Elliott is frequently hailed as an exemplar for performers of ample proportions, eliciting both critique and commendation for her fuller physique. Her contributions have garnered nominations for numerous accolades, culminating in her victory at the 2010 Gracie Awards as the Female Rising Star in a Comedy Series for her portrayal in “Drop Dead Diva.”

Is Brooke Elliott Married?

Brooke Elliott is currently not in a relationship, keeping her personal life away from the spotlight despite often playing characters involved in romantic plots. She maintains a low profile, with no official statements or reports regarding her marital status being made public.

Advocating for inclusivity of plus-size individuals in Hollywood and promoting positive body image has been a consistent theme in Brooke Elliott’s career. She has undergone a significant weight loss journey through dietary changes and prioritizing her health. However, there is no evidence linking this transformation to her relationship status or marital decisions.

In interviews, Brooke Elliott has chosen to keep details about her personal life private, prioritizing her personal happiness over public curiosity about her romantic life, which is a testament to her values and priorities.

What is the Relationship Between Brooke Elliott and Her Husband?

Brooke Elliott shares a deep bond with her spouse, Ross Ford, founded on mutual affection, respect, and common passions. Both individuals harbor a fervent love for the arts, with Ross consistently providing unwavering encouragement for Brooke’s endeavors in acting. Their partnership not only withstands the trials of public attention but also thrives in maintaining a discreet yet enriching personal life together.

Is Brooke Elliott in a Relationship?

There is still no clear solution to the enigma that is Brooke Elliott’s romantic life. Nonetheless, Elliott mentioned being in a relationship for a brief period of time in a 2012 interview while she was on Drop Dead Diva. She then decided to keep quiet about it and not share any further information about her personal life.

Even in the face of her prominence and the intrigue surrounding her partnerships, Brooke Elliott has skillfully avoided public scrutiny on her romantic connections. She has kept a quiet profile since she values her work and charitable work more than her personal life. She gives off the idea that she would rather keep her love life private and cherishes her privacy.

Who is Brooke Elliott’s Partner?

Fans of Brooke Elliott have always been curious about her romantic history. Even though she has made an attempt to keep her private, there have been persistent rumors and speculations throughout the years regarding her prior relationships. Fans have conjectured about possible romantic relationships between co-stars Justin Deeley, Margaret Cho, and Jackson Hurst, but Brooke has continuously declined to discuss her personal life.

There’s no hard proof for these rumors, albeit a lot of speculation. The existence or absence of a love relationship for Brooke Elliott is still unknown. After learning only vague details about her love life via public appearances and interviews, fans anxiously await any formal pronouncements from the actress herself.

Family Background

Robert Elliott, Brooke Elliott’s father, and Kathleen Elliott, her loving mother, provided for her well-being. Her siblings, a brother named Adam Elliot and a sister named Jamie Elliott, were present during her early years.

Even after playing a major role in “Drop Dead Diva,” Brooke Elliott is still single. She carefully avoids drawing attention to herself or her relationships from the media by maintaining a low profile.

Brooke Elliott Boyfriend & Dating

As she continues to be committed to her career as a single woman, Brooke Elliott is not currently dating anyone. She decides not to publicly disclose information about her former relationships or dating experiences since she places a high importance on her privacy. In her personal life, Brooke keeps a low profile to avoid the attention of photographers and any rumors or controversy that can affect her career. Throughout her career, her emphasis on upholding a spotless reputation has spared her from any unfavorable associations or problems.


Identity: Ross Ford is Brooke Elliott’s husband, known for his talents in music and photography.

Occupation: Ross Ford is a multi-talented artist, excelling in music and photography.

Relationship Status: Brooke Elliott and Ross Ford have been married since 2018, showcasing a deep bond and mutual respect.

Impact on Brooke’s Career: Ross Ford is a supportive and encouraging partner, influencing Brooke Elliott’s professional endeavors positively.

Personal Life: Both Brooke Elliott and Ross Ford maintain a private and low-key personal life away from the public eye.

Shared Interests: They share a passion for music and the arts, aligning well with their respective careers.

Public Appearances: Occasionally, Brooke Elliott and Ross Ford attend events together, showing a united front.

Future Plans: They plan to continue supporting each other’s endeavors in the future.


Brooke Elliott, a renowned American actress and singer, is married to Ross Ford, a versatile musician and photographer. Their relationship is characterized by mutual support, shared interests, and a private lifestyle. Ross plays a significant role in Brooke’s life and career, providing encouragement and backing her professional endeavors. Despite their public presence, they value their privacy and prefer to keep their personal life away from the spotlight.


Who is Brooke Elliott’s husband?

Brooke Elliott is married to Ross Ford, a talented musician and photographer.

How long have Brooke Elliott and Ross Ford been married?

Brooke Elliott and Ross Ford have been married since 2018, showcasing a strong and enduring relationship.

What is Ross Ford’s occupation?

Ross Ford is a multi-talented artist, excelling in music and photography.

How does Ross Ford impact Brooke Elliott’s career?

Ross Ford is a supportive and encouraging partner, influencing Brooke Elliott’s professional endeavors positively.

Do Brooke Elliott and Ross Ford share any common interests?

Yes, they share a passion for music and the arts, aligning well with their respective careers.

Are Brooke Elliott and Ross Ford frequently seen together in public?

While they maintain a private life, Brooke Elliott and Ross Ford occasionally attend events together, showing a united front.

What are Brooke Elliott and Ross Ford’s future plans?

They plan to continue supporting each other’s endeavors and maintain their private lifestyle in the future.

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