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David Sacks Net Worth: Biography, Career, Height, Family, Social Media & More


From humble origins, an individual’s ascension to great heights in the realms of finance and economics, achieving feats deemed unattainable by many, is truly astounding. Such is the extraordinary narrative of entrepreneur David Sacks, who emerged from relative anonymity to claim a place among the wealthiest individuals in the United States.

In this exclusive blog post, we delve deep into the estimated net worth of David Sacks today. What are the hidden factors contributing to his remarkable success? Join us as we explore the dynamic realm of technology investment to uncover the fascinating story behind David Sacks’ incredible wealth.

David Sacks Net Worth

David Sacks’ estimated net worth is approximately $1.5 billion. It’s crucial to recognize that this value is subject to change as a result of various circumstances, including shifts in the market that impact the value of his investments. Sacks made his money by combining entrepreneurship, executive positions in a number of enterprises, and early investments in well-known companies like Palantir, SpaceX, Uber, Twitter, Facebook, and SpaceX.

Industry insiders predicted that David Sacks’ wealth will increase in the future due to his successful history as an executive and entrepreneur in the technology industry.

 It’s feasible that he may be able to surpass his current net worth this year alone with further investments and business ventures. Moreover, it is likely that a significant portion of his wealth will be allocated to venture capital ventures and additional software ventures. His net worth might therefore exceed current estimates.

David Sacks, with his proclivity for entrepreneurial pursuits and keen eye for lucrative opportunities, is poised to remain a prominent figure in the technology industry for the foreseeable future. These attributes have positioned him prominently for an extended duration. It is therefore expected that his wealth will experience an upward trajectory in the years ahead. Through allocating a substantial portion of his wealth towards entities such as the Sacks Family Foundation and Craft Ventures, his personal investment firm, Sacks has also underscored his commitment to charitable endeavors. Moreover, he has diversified his asset portfolio to encompass various holdings including real estate and valuable metals.

Why is He So Rich?

David Sacks has a strategic approach to investing, focusing on high-growth enterprises and optimizing returns through astute investment choices. He places significant emphasis on backing startups with disruptive potential in their industries, along with those offering distinctive products or services.

Sacks underscores the importance of diversification, advising investors to allocate their funds across a range of assets to mitigate risks effectively. Furthermore, he advocates for “value investing,” a method that involves acquiring undervalued stocks with the anticipation of substantial returns as their prices appreciate. His investment philosophy has demonstrated efficacy and is poised to capture the interest of discerning investors seeking prudent investment opportunities.

David Sacks Early Life

Born in Cape Town, South Africa, on May 25, 1972, David Sacks, also going by Oliver, is a South African. His family moved to Tennessee, USA, when he was little. After graduating from Stanford University with a degree in economics, he continued on to the University of Chicago Law School to earn a PhD in law.

Physical Attributes

Age51 years old
Height5 feet 10 inches
Weight70 kg
Body TypeNormal or slim body
Hair ColourBlack
Eyes ColourBlack
Sexual OrientationStraight
Skin ColourLight White

David Sacks Career


Sacks began his career with McKinsey & Company as a management consultant. As the first COO of PayPal, he joined Peter Thiel’s team in 1999. He initially got to know Elon Musk at PayPal. Since then, the two have stayed close friends. Both of them represent the well-known “PayPal Mafia.”

Overseeing the creation and growth of crucial divisions including Sales & Marketing, Customer Service, and Human Resources, Sacks proved to be a tremendous value to PayPal.He helped the company’s annual revenues reach over $200 million in just three years! eBay acquired it for $1.5 billion in 2002.


Sacks had a deep-seated interest in entrepreneurship, influenced by his grandfather who owned a candy factory. His enthusiasm inspired him to create Yammer, a Slack-like platform before Slack gained traction, in 2008. Yammer rose to the top of TechCrunch’s TechCrunch50 list after gaining popularity and becoming one of the SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions with the quickest growth rate ever. Because of its success, Yammer was acquired by Microsoft in 2012 for a whopping $1.2 billion, making it the fastest-ever billion-dollar SaaS exit from founding to purchase. Furthermore, in 2006, Sacks launched Geni.com, which subsequently attracted the interest of MyHeritage and resulted in its acquisition.


During a crisis in 2014, Sacks took on the job of interim CEO at Zenefits, showcasing his ability to turn around failing businesses. He led the launch of Z2, an inventive HR SaaS platform, and his leadership was important in stabilizing the business. Z2’s success was acknowledged by PC Magazine, which recognized it as one of the top HR software products available in the market.

Awards and Recognition

David Sacks has been acknowledged and honored for his outstanding contributions throughout his career across various companies. Some of these recognitions include:

  • 2012 – David Sacks, 40 Under 40, San Francisco Business Times
  • David Sacks received the 2011 Workforce Management Game Changers Award.
  • 2011 – Business Times of San Francisco The Most Admired CEOs in the Bay Area

Other Ventures

Sacks used the money from PayPal’s acquisition to launch Room 9 Entertainment, an independent production firm. He was both the producer and director of the 2005 film “Thank You for Smoking.” He introduced Geni.com, a genealogy website, the following year.

Microsoft expressed interest in Yammer, a corporate communication tool that David Sacks established in 2008, and the company ultimately paid an incredible $1.2 billion to acquire it. In 2014, he ventured into the digital sector by investing in Zenefits and acting as a temporary CEO. Sacks has almost 20 years of experience as an angel investor. In addition, he has made noteworthy cryptocurrency investments. In 2012, he bought bitcoin, and in the past, he owned Solana.

His most recent business venture is Craft Ventures, established in 2017. Within Craft Ventures, he co-founded Callin, a social podcasting platform that found success and was acquired by Rumble in May 2023. Presently, he co-hosts the popular All-In Podcast alongside Jason Calacanis, David Friedberg, and Chamath Palihapitiya, amassing an impressive subscriber base of over 459,000 listeners.

How Does David Sacks View the Future of Entrepreneurship?

David Sacks sees an entrepreneurial future full of opportunities driven by technological breakthroughs. David Sacks is of the opinion that due to advancements in artificial intelligence and cloud computing, commencing a venture now demands less initial investment.

Sacks illuminates how crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo have equalized the fundraising procedure, rendering it more reachable to entrepreneurs across all economic spectrums and empowering them to manifest their inventive concepts.

Moreover, he underscores a rising trend wherein enterprises proffer bespoke services tailored explicitly for business proprietors, such as financial and legal guidance, expediting the triumph of small-scale business proprietors and ambitious visionaries.Additionally, he notes that many governments are progressively removing regulatory barriers, which is opening up markets that were previously inaccessible to business owners.

In light of these complex events, David Sacks continues to have a positive vision for the entrepreneurial environment of the twenty-first century. He contends that the convergence of cutting-edge technology and innovative business strategies portends a day when starting a business and growing an existing one would never be easier.

David Sacks wife and children

David Sacks’s spouse is Jacqueline Tortorice. Although there is limited information available about David’s wife, it is known that the couple has three children: two daughters and one son.

David Sacks’ Personal Life

David Sacks is deeply devoted to his personal life, which revolves around family, philanthropy, and community service. He is married to entrepreneur and investor Jacqueline Tortorice, and together they raise three children in San Francisco’s vibrant tech community. While Sacks values privacy regarding his personal affairs, his enduring relationship reflects his strong dedication to family values.

Sacks is devoted to his family and a fervent supporter of humanitarian causes like education. His commitment to using his expertise for the sake of society is further demonstrated by his contribution to the founding of Code for America, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to use technology to enhance civic life.

David Sacks Family

David Sacks’ father was Samuel Sacks, a physician, while his mother, Muriel Elsie Landau, was an early English female surgeon. Growing up in London, England, David was surrounded by a large extended family of medical professionals and scientists due to his parents’ successful careers in medicine. However, there is no available information about his siblings.

David Sacks Relationships

David Sacks tied the knot with Jacqueline Tortorice on July 7, 2007. Jacqueline, the wife of the accomplished entrepreneur, maintains a low profile in public circles. Together, they have a family of five children consisting of two daughters and one son. The Sacks family resides contentedly in the bustling tech hub of San Francisco.

David Sacks House

In 2016, Sacks purchased a large 11,000-square-foot home in Atherton, California. This lavish home in Silicon Valley features six bedrooms, a state-of-the-art home theater, a cool swimming pool, and a spacious four-car garage.Adorned with picturesque landscaping and situated among prominent figures like Sheryl Sandberg and Larry Ellison, it epitomizes the affluence of the locality.

The “Billionaire’s Row” abode in San Francisco: Sacks garnered attention in 2012 following his purchase of a mansion on this renowned Row while it was still in the construction phase. The initial valuation of the 6,000-square-foot guest house and the grand 17,500-square-foot primary residence stood at $65 million.

Podcasting and Social Media

Sacks’ latest endeavor is Callin, a unique “social podcasting” application that merges traditional podcasting with interactive social elements, akin to the format seen on Clubhouse.

Furthermore, he maintains a robust presence across various social media platforms, particularly Twitter, where he consistently imparts valuable business insights and shares his perspectives on various matters.

Along with his close friends, Sacks co-hosts the well-liked podcast “All-In,” where they explore topics from politics to startups to technology to venture capital. With over 300,000 subscribers and over 100,000 monthly listeners, the program has gained a lot of traction and is becoming increasingly influential in the podcasting space.

Social MediaUsername/HandleFollowers/Subscribers
FacebookSoon To UpdateN/A
YouTubeAll-In Podcast419K Subscribers


Estimated Net Worth: David Sacks’ estimated net worth is around $1.5 billion.

Sources of Wealth: He amassed his wealth through entrepreneurship, executive roles in various companies, and early investments in major firms like Palantir, SpaceX, Uber, Twitter, Facebook, and SpaceX.

Future Wealth Projection: Industry experts predict that Sacks’ wealth will likely increase further due to his successful track record in the technology industry and ongoing investments.


David Sacks has amassed an impressive net worth of $1.5 billion through executive roles, smart investments in well-known software businesses, and strategic entrepreneurship. Key positions at PayPal, the founding of Yammer (which Microsoft purchased for $1.2 billion), and profitable investments in businesses like Geni.com and Zenefits are among his career highlights. Sacks’ remarkable fortune creation can be attributed to his investment strategy, which places a strong emphasis on value and diversification.


How did David Sacks accumulate his wealth? 

David Sacks accumulated his wealth through entrepreneurship, executive roles (e.g., COO of PayPal), and early investments in successful tech companies like SpaceX, Palantir, and Uber.

What is David Sacks’ current net worth? 

As of now, David Sacks’ estimated net worth stands at approximately $1.5 billion, subject to market fluctuations and ongoing investments.

What are David Sacks’ notable business ventures? 

Sacks is known for co-founding Yammer, leading Zenefits as interim CEO, and establishing Craft Ventures. He has also invested in cryptocurrency and launched successful software platforms like Geni.com and Callin.

What is David Sacks’ investment philosophy? 

Sacks emphasizes diversification and value investing, backing startups with disruptive potential and undervalued stocks for long-term returns.

What is David Sacks’ contribution to philanthropy? 

Sacks allocates a portion of his wealth to charitable endeavors through the Sacks Family Foundation and supports initiatives like Code for America, showcasing his commitment to giving back to society.

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