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Many people are familiar with Judy McCarthy as the wife of House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. She has consistently stood by his side at numerous political events and campaigns. Her steadfast support was especially noticeable when Kevin chose to drop out of the 2015 Speaker of the House contest.

Judy McCarthy Net Worth

As of 2023, Judy McCarthy has amassed a substantial net worth estimated at approximately $45 million. This considerable wealth reflects her earnings derived from a successful career in acting, producing, and involvement in diverse business endeavors.

Who Is Judy McCarthy?

Congressman Kevin McCarthy, the Speaker of the House, held the position from January to October of 2023. His working-class principles followed him from the California Assembly to the US House of Representatives, where he was elected in 2006. He began his political career as a legislative intern in 1987.  McCarthy worked with the Biden administration as House Speaker to resolve the debt crisis in 2023 and prevent a possible national default. But in October, his title was revoked because a few days earlier, he had backed a last-minute spending deal that avoided a government shutdown. McCarthy has drawn criticism for his ardent backing of Donald Trump and for his participation in inquiries pertaining to the past president.

Judy McCarthy Biography

Full nameJudy Wages McCarthy
NicknameJudy McCarthy
Date of birthDecember 6, 1964
Age58 years old (as of 2023)
Zodiac signSagittarius
Place of birthSan Diego County, California, U.S.
Current residenceBakersfield, Kern County, California
Height in feet5’5
Height in centimetres168 cm
Weight in pounds121 lbs
Weight in kilograms55 kg
Body measurements30-28-30 (in inches)
Hair colourBrown
Eye colourDark brown
MotherSharon Wages
FatherHarvey Wages
SiblingsWilliam “Bill” Wages
Relationship statusMarried
PartnerKevin Owen McCarthy
ChildrenMeghan McCarthy and Connor McCarthy
SchoolBakersfield High School
ProfessionFamous for being the celebrity wife of Kevin McCarthy
Net worth$45 million

Judy McCarthy Education

Upon completion of secondary education, McCarthy opted to matriculate at Bakersfield Community College. However, within a year, he opted for discontinuation of his collegiate pursuits. A pivotal juncture in McCarthy’s life occurred in 1984 when he secured a $5,000 windfall from a lottery draw. This windfall propelled him to inaugurate Kevin O’s Delicatessen, a culinary establishment, at a tender age of 19, nested within his uncle’s frozen yogurt emporium. The divestiture of the delicatessen ensued three years later, in 1987, with McCarthy channeling the proceeds into completing his academic endeavors. McCarthy embarked upon his academic journey at the University of California, Bakersfield, culminating in the attainment of a master’s degree in business administration in 1994, following the acquisition of an undergraduate business degree in 1989.

Judy McCarthy Early Life

McCarthy, born into a family of modest means with an industrious homemaker mother and a father serving as an assistant fire chief, grew up in the College Heights neighborhood of Bakersfield. This area, nestled in Kern County, has been McCarthy’s ancestral home for four successive generations, amidst the vibrant backdrop of agricultural and oil-centric South-Central California.

Post his high school graduation, McCarthy embarked on a brief stint at a community college. Simultaneously, he delved into the automotive realm, revamping vehicles procured from auctions in Los Angeles and subsequently retailing them. It was in October 1984, at the age of 20, when fate smiled upon McCarthy with a $5,000 lottery win, marking a pivotal juncture in his life’s narrative. This stroke of luck catalyzed McCarthy’s entrepreneurial journey, as he channeled his windfall into the stock market, eventually leveraging his gains to acquire Kevin O’s Deli. Nestled within his family’s yogurt shop in Bakersfield, this enterprise served as McCarthy’s first foray into the realm of business ownership, albeit leading to a hiatus from formal education.

McCarthy’s entrepreneurial saga, often recounted as an emblematic origin tale in his political narrative, underscores his early navigation of the entrepreneurial landscape and his subsequent critique of governmental overreach. Following the sale of his business, McCarthy redirected his gains towards higher education, rejoining college in 1987 to pursue an undergraduate business degree. Subsequently, he obtained a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from California State University, Bakersfield in 1994, cementing his academic credentials in tandem with his burgeoning political aspirations.

McCarthy’s journey into politics was influenced by his observations of contrasting leadership styles during the Carter-Reagan era. This ideological awakening coincided with his association with influential Republican Congressman Bill Thomas, initially as an intern and later as a stalwart member of Thomas’s esteemed staff, marking a transformative phase in McCarthy’s political evolution.

Judy McCarthy Ethnicity

Judy McCarthy’s identity is significantly shaped by her ethnicity, which denotes her cultural and ancestry. The following are eight salient features of her ethnicity.

  • Irish heritage
  • Cultural traditions
  • Ancestral roots
  • Sense of belonging
  • Shared values
  • Personal identity
  • Community connections
  • Cultural pride

The facets interwoven within Judy McCarthy’s life intricately shape her experiences and viewpoints. Her Irish lineage, in particular, exerts a profound influence on her cultural customs and sense of belonging. Rooted in her ancestral heritage lies a rich tapestry of traditions and shared principles, contributing to the fabric of her identity. Yet, it’s not solely her lineage that defines her; rather, it’s the amalgamation of her personal encounters within her cultural milieu that molds her individuality. In essence, Judy McCarthy’s ethnicity serves as a cornerstone, informing her essence and guiding her journey through life’s diverse landscapes.

Judy McCarthy Age

At 93 years old, McCarthy stands at a significant juncture in her life and professional journey. Her age serves as a guiding force, shaping the roles she has undertaken and the projects she has dedicated herself to throughout her illustrious career.

Personal Identity

A person’s personal identity is a multifaceted and intricate concept that is influenced by a variety of factors, such as culture, ethnicity, life experiences, and core values. Judy McCarthy acknowledges, with great pride, that her ethnic background played a significant role in shaping her own identity. She realizes the tremendous impact her Irish background has had on the formation of her personality and outlook on life, and she enthusiastically embraces it.

Judy McCarthy’s musical expressions are one prominent way that her ethnicity shows up in her personal identity. Talented musically, she incorporates her Irish history into her songs, frequently performing folk ballads alongside original works influenced by her background. She expresses her own identity via her music and uses it as a medium for sharing and conserving.

Moreover, Judy McCarthy’s ethnicity intertwines with her core values, emphasizing the significance of family, community, and tradition. These values serve as guiding principles that direct her daily interactions and decisions rather than being only idealistic concepts. She values family relationships as a devoted wife and mother, and her participation in the local Irish community highlights her dedication to preserving and honoring Irish customs and culture.

Judy McCarthy’s personal identity is essentially a complex tapestry made from the strands of her culture, race, experiences in life, and deeply held beliefs. Her Irish background has a significant influence on her musical pursuits, core values, and overall self-concept, resulting in a distinctive and complex person who honors her heritage while making a significant contribution to her community and beyond.

Judy McCarthy Nationality

The American nationality of Judy McCarthy is prominently included on her Wikipedia article, “Judy McCarthy Wiki Age Ethnicity Kevin McCarthy,” which offers background information on her life, profession, and personal experiences. Her identity has been formed by being an American, which has also opened up possibilities and responsibilities that she has embraced over the years.

McCarthy has enjoyed various rights and privileges that distinguish her experiences from those of individuals from other nations. McCarthy’s  proudly identifies as a United States national. Her entitlements encompass unbridled freedom to traverse the expanse of the nation, the opportunity to actively participate in governmental affairs like pursuing elected positions, and the inherent privilege to cast votes. Furthermore, McCarthy enjoys unfettered access to medical services and public schooling, pivotal amenities that significantly contribute to her aspirations and overall potential growth.

McCarthy’s American nationality serves as a cornerstone in understanding her societal roles, civic engagements, and the diverse pathways she

Judy McCarthy Career

Judy McCarthy’s professional journey holds significant prominence within her documented history, offering a comprehensive insight into her craft as an actress. It also highlights her chronological age, ancestral background, and matrimonial union with Kevin McCarthy.

McCarthy’s creative journey began in the 1950s, a time of revolutionary changes and turbulent upheavals in the entertainment sector. Over the years, McCarthy has observed a significant transformation of the sector and has adapted her path accordingly. McCarthy boasts an incredible sixty years of expertise in both film and television. For her roles in “The Twilight Zone” (1960) and “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” (1956), she has been highly appreciated.McCarthy’s professional trajectory demonstrates her innate brilliance and adaptability, showcasing her as a remarkable performer whose inventiveness has substantially enriched the fabric of the entertainment business.

Judy McCarthy Personal Life

During his childhood, McCarthy faced challenges with a speech impediment and received therapy to address it, which is often attributed to his occasional difficulties as a public speaker. He wasn’t an exceptional student but participated as a tight end in Bakersfield High School’s football team. Although he wasn’t particularly good at sports, McCarthy and the school recognize that his admission into the athletic hall of fame in 2014 was more a reflection of his political accomplishments than of his athletic ability. His academic career and personal life coincided when he met Judy Wages in a high school biology classroom. They got married in 1992 and are parents to two kids: a daughter named Meghan and a son named Connor.

Judy McCarthy Children

The two children Kevin McCarthy and his wife Judy have are a son named Connor and a daughter named Meghan.Kevin celebrated Meghan’s 24th birthday by uploading a number of photos to his Instagram account.A sincere caption offering his best wishes for Meghan’s special day accompanied the collage. “Join me in wishing our @megkaymccarthy a happy 24th birthday,” the writer stated. She is incredibly lovely, astute, spunky, clever, and devoted. Meg, you make me the luckiest father alive. Happy birthday. I cherish you!

Judy McCarthy Family

Family holds immense significance within Irish culture, with a deep-rooted emphasis on nurturing strong familial bonds. Irish individuals prioritize and cherish family relationships, standing steadfast in offering unwavering support to one another. Judy McCarthy has eloquently expressed the profound value of family in her personal journey, acknowledging with gratitude the enduring love and support bestowed upon her by her cherished family members.

Judy McCarthy Relationships

As the top Republican in Congress, McCarthy steadfastly supported President Trump throughout the run-up to his first impeachment, which involved claims that he had pressured Ukraine to look into his opponent for the 2020 presidential race, Joe Biden. McCarthy wrote to Nancy Pelosi, the House Speaker at the time, casting doubt on the fairness of the impeachment investigation. In February 2020, the Senate cleared Trump despite his best attempts.

A week before President Trump’s term expired, on January 13, 2021, he was charged with encouraging an insurrection, which led to his second impeachment. McCarthy quietly voiced his disdain of Trump and his part in the January 6 attack on the Capitol. “I’ve had it with this guy,” McCarthy said in a leaked audio tape of a conversation with other Republican leaders, expressing his annoyance. However, McCarthy held back from publicly criticizing Trump due to fear of the backlash from both Trump’s fervent fans and a host of other Republicans.

The House Committee investigating the events of January 6 sent McCarthy with a subpoena in May 2022, asking information related to their correspondence with Trump both before and after the Capitol revolt.

McCarthy opted to ignore the subpoena. McCarthy’s degree of engagement is still unknown as current Justice Department investigations focus on Trump’s possible role in the attack on January 6 and accused electoral meddling in places like Georgia. He has promised to look into any federal prosecutions aimed at the former President through congressional probes.

Judy McCarthy Wife and Book

In 1992, McCarthy married Judy Wages, his high school sweetheart whom he got acquainted with during their sophomore science class. They currently reside in their first jointly owned home in Bakersfield, California, and are parents to two children named Connor and Meghan.

Professionally, McCarthy co-wrote “Young Guns, A New Generation of Conservative Leaders,” which Simon & Schuster released in September 2010 along with Paul Ryan and Eric Cantor. They explore their ideas and tactics for furthering the goals of the Republican party in the book.

Judy McCarthy Occupation

Kevin McCarthy’s wife Judy was a teacher before she became a full-time housewife. There are various aspects of her profession that are pertinent to her job as a spouse in politics:

Understanding of education policy:Judy McCarthy, a former educator, has a thorough awareness of current issues in education policy and the difficulties that schools face. Her spouse is a member of the House Education and Labor Committee, therefore he finds this information useful.

Ability to connect with constituents: Judy McCarthy has the capacity to connect with individuals from all walks of life because of her experience dealing with families and children. For a political spouse, who frequently represents their husband or wife to the community, this is a crucial ability.

Strong work ethic:Judy McCarthy is a homemaker who is in charge of running the household and providing for the family. Strong work ethics and organizational abilities are necessary for this, and these are also important qualities in a political spouse.

Supportive role: Judy McCarthy’s main responsibility is to further her husband’s political ambitions. She accomplishes this by supporting him politically, going to events, and offering him emotional support.

In summary, Judy McCarthy’s background as a teacher and housewife has equipped her with knowledge and expertise that are useful in her function as a political spouse. She is her husband’s pillar of strength and support and has a significant impact on his political career.


Estimated Net Worth: Judy McCarthy’s net worth is estimated to be around $200,000.

Income Sources: Her wealth primarily comes from her role as the wife of Congressman Kevin McCarthy, with additional potential income from past occupations.

Financial Investments: Specific details about her personal investments or business ventures are not widely disclosed in public sources.

Comparison to Other Political Spouses: Compared to some other political spouses, Judy McCarthy’s net worth may be considered modest but reflective of her supportive role.

Financial Stability: Judy McCarthy’s net worth indicates financial stability but may not represent extensive wealth accumulation independently of her husband’s career.


Judy McCarthy, known prominently as the wife of former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, boasts a net worth estimated at $200,000. This financial standing is accrued through her association with Kevin McCarthy and his political career. Judy’s background as a former educator contributes to her understanding of policy matters, which may indirectly influence their financial decisions. While not as financially prominent in public ventures as her husband, Judy’s net worth underscores her role as a supportive spouse within the political landscape.


1. How did Judy McCarthy accumulate her net worth? 

Judy McCarthy’s net worth primarily stems from her association as the wife of Congressman Kevin McCarthy. Her past career as a teacher may also have contributed to her financial standing.

2. Does Judy McCarthy have any personal business ventures contributing to her net worth?

While specific details about Judy McCarthy’s personal business ventures are not widely publicized, her net worth is primarily associated with her husband’s political career.

3. How does Judy McCarthy’s net worth compare to other political figures’ spouses? 

In comparison to other political figures’ spouses, Judy McCarthy’s net worth of $200,000 is relatively modest, reflecting her focus on family and supporting her husband’s career.

4. Is Judy McCarthy actively involved in financial or investment activities? 

Public information regarding Judy McCarthy’s active involvement in financial or investment activities is limited. Her net worth is largely attributed to her role as a supportive spouse and her past occupation as a teacher.

5. Has Judy McCarthy’s net worth fluctuated significantly over the years? 

Details about any significant fluctuations in Judy McCarthy’s net worth are not readily available. However, her financial standing is generally tied to her husband’s political career trajectory and personal financial decisions.

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