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Unveiling Cleen Rock One’s Enigmatic Partner: The Untold Story of His Wife


The couple put immense effort into planning their wedding, aiming for a celebration that truly mirrored their individuality and passion for art. They spared no detail, meticulously choosing the venue and crafting one-of-a-kind invitations to make their special day truly unforgettable.

Cleen Rock One Wife

Fate intervened when Cleen Rock One and Megan Jean Morris crossed paths at a prestigious tattoo convention. This gathering, a hub for artists and enthusiasts alike, provided the backdrop for their initial encounter.

As they conversed, Cleen and Megan unearthed shared interests and values, igniting a profound bond between them. Their connection flourished organically, leading to an increase in their time spent together.

The couple carefully planned their wedding because they wanted it to be a celebration of their unique personalities and artistic interests. Everything was carefully considered, from picking the ideal site to creating personalized invites.

Who is Cleen Rock One?

James Steinke, better known as tattoo artist Cleen Rock One, is well-known for his creative designs and unmatched skill. His fascinating performances on tattoo reality shows, where his talent and endearing demeanor enchanted spectators, drove his rise to popularity. Cleen’s unshakable dedication to his craft has won him multiple honors from the tattoo community in addition to a devoted fan base.

Who is Megan Jean Morris?

Beautiful and talented tattoo model Megan Jean Morris is becoming quite the star in the body art scene. Her captivating looks and passion for inking have led to partnerships with a variety of tattoo artists, photographers, and companies. Megan’s enchanting aura and dedication to her craft have earned her a considerable following on social media platforms.

Cleen Rock One Biography

He hails from Elgin, Illinois, nestled in the heart of the United States. Cleen Rock One, an American through and through, proudly identifies with his white heritage.

While his wiki-bio sheds light on his accomplishments, details about Cleen Rock One’s upbringing and schooling remain elusive. Similarly, his family background remains a mystery to the public eye.

Cleen Rock One isn’t just your average Joe; he’s a dedicated bodybuilder, boasting an impressive physique adorned with intricate tattoos. Rumor has it; he even wields the tattoo gun himself.

With a towering presence and muscles to match, Cleen Rock One stands out in any crowd. His online presence is equally formidable, amassing a substantial following on Instagram alone.

His Instagram feed offers insights into his enthusiasm for custom vehicles along with a tapestry of tattoo artistry. Given the demands of his booming firm, it’s hardly surprising that he’s chosen Las Vegas his home base.

Cleen Rock One Wiki

NameJames Steinke
Age46 years old
Birthdate6th August 1977
BirthplaceElgin, Illinois, United States of America
ParentsNot disclosed
SiblingsNot disclosed
CareerTattoo Artist
Net worth$5 million
WifeMegan Jean Morris (girlfriend)
Weight65 kg

Cleen Rock One Education

More insight into Cleen Rock One’s educational journey reveals that he attended high school and successfully graduated, earning his high school diploma.

Cleen Rock One Age

Cleen Rock One, born on August 6th, 1977, is now 46 years old. While he’s known to many as Cleen Rock One, his given name is James Steinke.

Physical Appearance

Weight In Kg65
Weight In Lbs143
Height In Feet5′ 8”
Height In Meter1.72
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBlue

Cleen Rock One Hobbies

Outside of their careers, Cleen Rock One and Megan Jean Morris both have a deep love for travel and immersing themselves in different cultures. They frequently set off on journeys together, building unforgettable experiences side by side.

Cleen Rock One Relationships

Cleen Rock One is currently in a happy relationship with his girlfriend, whose identity remains undisclosed. He often shares glimpses of their romance on social media, openly expressing his deep affection for her.

No Of Children2
Marital StatusMarried
Partner NameMegan Jean Morris
Relationship StatusGirlfriend

Cleen, along with his girlfriend and their two children, seem to have an incredibly strong and loving connection. They frequently enjoy going on vacations as a family, cherishing the time they spend together.

Cleen Rock One Career

Season 13 of Ink Master: Grudge Match will include Cleen Rock One, the winner of Season 11, as a judge in the tattoo competition. Because of his well-known candor and straightforward style, Cleen is a great fit for this season’s judging panel.

An Ink Master offshoot from the original series resentment By pitting former Ink Master contestants against one another to settle old scores, Match subverts convention. Whether it’s to make amends or just to have a fun tattoo war, two tattoo artists compete against each other for supremacy.

 The contestants represent some of the best tattoo artists in America and come from different seasons. The stakes are high: they have a chance to redeem themselves, earn a $100,000 cash reward, be published in Inked magazine, and become the esteemed Ink Master. Cleen will assess tattoo technique, design, and style with two other Ink Master champions: DJ Tambe, a two-time straight winner, and Ryan Ashley from Season 8, the first female winner.

Cleen, a legend in the world of tattooing known for his vibrant and bold tattoo artistry, competed in Season 5, returned for Season 7, and finally emerged victorious on Ink Master: Grudge Match. Described by DJ as a “man’s man” with a sharp tongue and strong opinions, Cleen now assumes the role of a no-nonsense judge to help settle old grudges among tattoo artists. In an unfiltered interview with Screen Rant, the talented tattoo artist shared insights into his journey, from getting his first tattoo at 16 to his path into tattooing, and his feelings about returning to Ink Master as a judge.

Cleen Rock One’s Net Worth

As per information from wiki-bio sources, Cleen Rock One’s estimated net worth stands at around $5 million, primarily stemming from his extensive career in tattooing.

Having dedicated over two decades to the craft, Cleen owns and operates three well-established tattoo studios, which are renowned across America. These businesses undoubtedly contribute significantly to his income. Additionally, he has earned a substantial sum from his participation in various tattoo competitions, most notably Ink Master.

According to wiki-bio reports, Cleen Rock One is also involved in a custom cars business, although specific details about this venture are not readily available. Information regarding his residential property and vehicle assets remains undisclosed at this time.

With the growing demand for tattoos among the younger generation, it appears that Cleen Rock One’s net worth is poised to continue increasing in the future.

Cleen Rock One Social Media

If you’re a fan of tattoo artists, especially Cleen Rock One, you can easily connect with him on popular social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. On Instagram, in particular, Cleen maintains not just one, but several backup accounts alongside his main one. His posts mainly revolve around his incredible artwork and the tattooing process, offering glimpses into his creative journey rather than delving too deeply into his personal life.


Identity: Cleen Rock One’s wife is Megan Jean Morris.

Profession: Megan Jean Morris is a talented tattoo model gaining prominence in the body art scene.

Meeting: Cleen and Megan met at a prestigious tattoo convention where they discovered shared interests and values, leading to a profound bond.

Relationship Status: Cleen Rock One is married to Megan Jean Morris, with whom he shares two children.


Cleen Rock One, renowned for his tattoo artistry, shares a deep connection with his wife, Megan Jean Morris. They met at a tattoo convention, bonding over shared interests. Their wedding was meticulously planned to reflect their individuality and love for art. Cleen, a legend in tattooing, has amassed significant popularity through his career, while Megan, a rising star in the body art scene, contributes to their shared journey. Together, they enjoy traveling and cherishing family time with their children.


1. How did Cleen Rock One meet his wife? 

Cleen Rock One met his wife, Megan Jean Morris, at a prestigious tattoo convention where they discovered shared interests and values, sparking a profound bond.

2. What is Megan Jean Morris known for? 

Megan Jean Morris is known as a talented tattoo model gaining prominence in the body art scene, with captivating looks and a passion for inking.

3. How many children do Cleen Rock One and his wife have? 

Cleen Rock One and his wife, Megan Jean Morris, have two children together.

4. What is Cleen Rock One’s wife’s profession? 

Cleen Rock One’s wife, Megan Jean Morris, is a tattoo model who has partnered with various tattoo artists, photographers, and companies, gaining considerable popularity in the body art community.

5. How did Cleen Rock One and his wife plan their wedding? 

Cleen Rock One and his wife meticulously planned their wedding to reflect their unique personalities and passion for art, sparing no detail in choosing the venue and crafting one-of-a-kind invitations for an unforgettable celebration.

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