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Danika Berlin is an incredibly talented gymnast who won the USAIGC/IAGC world championships in her age group. She is not only a significant part of her school’s gymnastics team but also does exceptionally well in international tournaments. Danika hails from an accomplished family: her father, Tony Berlin, is a prosperous businessman and journalist, and her mother, Harris Faulkner, is a well-known author and novelist.

Who is Danika Berlin?

Meet Danika Berlin, a gymnastics world rising star. This young American athlete has already established herself in the sport, showing incredible achievement for her early age. Danika is making her mark in the gymnastics world while proudly flying the American flag.

Danika comes from a family deeply ingrained in the media landscape. Her father, Tony Berlin, shines as a television news anchor and producer, bringing a touch of glamour to the screen. Meanwhile, her mother, Harris Faulkner, commands respect as a journalist and anchor at Fox News. With such media-savvy parents, it’s no surprise Danika has inherited a bit of stardust herself.

Danika Berlin Biography

Danika Berlin, the daughter of journalists Harris Faulkner and Tony Berlin, is making waves in the world of gymnastics at a remarkably young age. Her name, with its roots tracing back to old Slavonic meaning “morning star,” seems to foretell her rising success in the sport.

Despite her tender age, Danika has already showcased her remarkable talent on the school gymnastics team. In 2018, she achieved a significant milestone by clinching the top spot in her age group at the USAIGC AGC World Championships. Her mother, Harris Faulkner, couldn’t be prouder and often shares glimpses of Danika’s training journey through heartfelt photos and videos.

Danika’s affinity for golf adds yet another element to her already broad skill set, but her interests don’t end with gymnastics. There’s a tangible sense of excitement and happiness in the Faulkner home as they support their youngest member’s emerging interests and abilities.

Danika Berlin Childhood

Danika Berlin’s childhood was immersed in the vibrant atmosphere of Los Angeles, California. Surrounded by a community of creative individuals and captivating performers, she developed a profound love for the enchanting world of entertainment from an early age.

Danika Berlin Wiki

Full NameDanika Berlin
First NameDanika
Last NameBerlin
Date of BirthMay 2009
Age14 years
ProfessionCelebrity Kid
Father NameTony Berlin
Father ProfessionJournalist and businessman
Mother NameHarris Faulkner
Mother ProfessionJournalist and author
Gender IdentityFemale
SibilingsBella Berlin
Height3 ft 9 inch
Net Worth$6 million

Danika Berlin Education

Danika chose to attend the University of Southern California to continue her education after graduating from high school. Engrossed in the scholarly setting, she enthusiastically explored the realm of dramatic arts and cinematic narrative. Motivated by her longstanding passion for captivating narratives, Danika sought to explore and contribute to the rich realms of storytelling.

Danika Berlin Age

Berlin celebrated his 12th birthday in 2021, born on October 13, 2009, in the United States. Now at 15 years old, he continues to mark his special day each year with joyous celebrations, as it falls under the zodiac sign of Libra.

Danika Berlin Personal Life

Beyond her professional endeavors, Danika Berlin dedicates herself to championing animal welfare and promoting awareness about mental health matters. She cherishes her ties with loved ones and finds happiness in life’s small joys. She enjoys exploring new locations and traveling, and she practices yoga to maintain harmony in her body, mind, and spirit.

Even with her hectic schedule, Danika never wavers in her support of causes and individuals close to her heart, demonstrating her genuine and caring nature.

Danika Berlin Family

The beginning of Danika’s story takes place in the American Midwest, where her parents, Tony Berlin and Harris Faulkner, established the groundwork for their enduring love.

Renowned broadcaster and journalist Harris Faulkner has won six Emmy Awards among his many other honors. Among his accomplishments are the 2005 awards for Outstanding Newscaster and Best News Special. 

Beyond broadcasting, Faulkner is also a prolific author, having penned influential books like “Breaking News: God Had a Plan” and “9 Rules of Engagement.” Additionally, he shares his insights and motivation as a speaker.

The serendipitous meeting of Danika’s parents occurred at a karaoke bar in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Harris, representing the ABC network, and Tony, associated with the CBS station, found themselves on opposite ends of the media spectrum. Their love story began to unfold in 2001, sparked by a chance encounter that blossomed into a relationship despite the challenges of distance.

On April 12, 2003, Harris and Tony solidified their commitment in a heartfelt ceremony in Rio Rico, Arizona—Danika’s hometown, nestled close to Tucson. However, their story extended beyond U.S. borders, with a second home near Mexico’s northern border, as noted by the Western Journal.

In the intricate dance of life, Harris Faulkner and Tony Berlin crafted a harmonious narrative that transcends geographical boundaries, showcasing the enduring beauty of love and dedication.

Danika Berlin Siblings

Danika’s sister, Bella Berlin, shares her passion for golf and embraces outdoor adventures and new experiences with equal enthusiasm. Described by her mother as a quick learner, Bella is currently diving into the world of archery. The bond between the two siblings is strong, characterized by closeness and joy.

Husband as a Best Friend

Before tying the knot, Danika’s parents, Harris and Tony, shared a deep friendship that endured even after marriage. For Harris, Tony remains not only a spouse but also the closest confidant. Danika attributes their enduring connection to their honesty and genuine personalities.

On social media, Danika frequently celebrates Harris, expressing gratitude for his role as her lifelong best friend and partner. A glimpse into their bond can be found on Instagram, where Harris commemorates their love with a heartfelt poem on their anniversary, reaffirming their commitment to each other.

Interracial Marriage

Danika’s parents hail from diverse ethnic backgrounds. Her mother, Harris Faulkner, is African-American, while her father, Tony Berlin, is of white American heritage. Yet, the blend of their ethnicities doesn’t hinder their bond. They happily embraced their interracial marriage, raising their two children in their Northern New Jersey home and enjoying regular family vacations together.

Wedding ceremony in one’s hometown

Danika’s parents’ first encounter happened through a mutual friend at a karaoke bar in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Despite working for rival stations—Tony at the CBS affiliate and Danika’s mother at ABC—they started dating after meeting in 2001. Following a prolonged long-distance relationship, they tied the knot on April 12, 2003. Their wedding took place in Tony’s hometown of Rio Rico, Arizona, close to Tucson. As reported by the Western Journal, the couple even owned a second home near the northern border of Mexico, adding to their connection with their hometown.

Danika Berlin Relationship

Danika Berlin is a 14-year-old who was born in 2009. She shouldn’t be dating or pursuing romantic connections at this time in her life. Like other kids her age, she is focused on her family, her education, and her search for her own identity. She has to be allowed to enjoy this stage free from the pressure of romantic involvement; those experiences can wait for a later, more appropriate time.

Danika Berlin Career

Danika began her career in film and television after graduating from USC. She debuted in entertainment with a recurring part in the critically acclaimed TV series “Empire,” and she became well-known very soon.

Danika then went on to demonstrate her talent and adaptability, enthralling audiences with her capacity to assume several personas.She went on to take on captivating roles in independent films and live theater productions.  Her status as one of the rising stars of the profession was cemented by her adaptability.

Not content with just acting, Danika ventured into content creation and production, demonstrating her entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to storytelling. One notable success was her starring role in a compelling web series, which not only won over hearts but also gained a significant online following. This achievement further cemented Danika’s status as a force to be reckoned with, showcasing her prowess both on-screen and behind the scenes.

Danika Berlin Net worth

Although Danika’s own wealth is unknown, her family’s financial situation provides insight into their success. Her mother’s net worth is predicted to approach $6 million by December 2023, while her father’s earnings are likely to top $4 million. His varied career as a cameraman, producer, and businessman has contributed to his substantial wealth.

Danika Berlin Social Media

Danika Berlin’s social media presence remains undisclosed at present, with no publicly available information on any accounts she may maintain. It’s crucial to underscore that once a minor reaches the age of 14 in 2023, it’s typically their parents or guardians who hold the responsibility for regulating their social media usage. Many parents opt to monitor or conceal their children’s online interactions as a means of safeguarding them and honoring their privacy. It’s pertinent to recognize that individuals, particularly minors, may adapt their social media behaviors as time progresses.


Gymnastics Champion: Danika Berlin is a talented gymnast who achieved success at a young age, winning the USAIGC/IAGC World Championships in her age group.

Family Background: She comes from a family deeply rooted in the media industry. Her father, Tony Berlin, is a successful journalist and businessman, while her mother, Harris Faulkner, is a well-known journalist and author.

Early Achievements: Danika demonstrated her gymnastics prowess by clinching the top spot in her age group at the USAIGC AGC World Championships in 2018.

Education: After high school, she chose to continue her education at the University of Southern California, where she explored dramatic arts and cinematic narrative.

Personal Interests: Beyond gymnastics, Danika is passionate about golf and advocates for animal welfare and mental health awareness. She enjoys traveling and practices yoga for holistic well-being.

Family Life: Danika’s parents, Harris Faulkner and Tony Berlin, share a close bond and have a supportive relationship. She also has a sister named Bella Berlin, who shares her passion for golf.

Career in Entertainment: Danika ventured into film and television after graduating from USC, gaining recognition for her roles in TV series, independent films, and live theater productions.

Net Worth: While Danika’s own net worth is undisclosed, her family’s financial success is notable, with her mother’s predicted net worth approaching $6 million and her father’s earnings likely surpassing $4 million.

Social Media: Information about Danika’s social media presence is currently undisclosed, and it’s typical for parents to regulate minors’ online interactions for privacy and safety reasons.


Danika Berlin is a young gymnastics champion born into a family deeply rooted in the media industry. Despite her early success in gymnastics, she continues to pursue education and explore other interests like golf, advocacy for animal welfare, and mental health awareness. Danika’s family life is characterized by a close bond with her parents and sister, and she has ventured into a successful career in entertainment after completing her education. While her personal net worth remains undisclosed, her family’s financial success is evident.


What is Danika Berlin’s profession? Danika is primarily known as a gymnast, but she has also ventured into the entertainment industry, exploring roles in film, television, and theater.

What is Danika Berlin’s family background? Danika comes from a family with parents deeply involved in journalism and media. Her father, Tony Berlin, is a journalist and businessman, while her mother, Harris Faulkner, is a journalist and author.

What are Danika Berlin’s interests beyond gymnastics? Danika enjoys golfing, advocating for animal welfare, promoting mental health awareness, traveling, and practicing yoga for holistic well-being.

Does Danika Berlin have siblings? Yes, Danika has a sister named Bella Berlin, who shares her passion for golf and outdoor adventures.

What is known about Danika Berlin’s career in entertainment? After graduating from the University of Southern California, Danika pursued a career in entertainment, gaining recognition for her roles in TV series, independent films, and live theater productions.

What is the estimated net worth of Danika Berlin’s family? While Danika’s personal net worth is undisclosed, her family’s financial success is notable, with her mother’s predicted net worth approaching $6 million and her father’s earnings likely surpassing $4 million.

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