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Sara Matter is a Canadian business woman. She is the spouse of Niall Matter, a well-known American actor. Her spouse became well-known for playing the lead in adolescent plays. She is known globally because of his husband.Apart from Niall’s successful career, Sara and Niall have been happily married for several years.They have been in a charming marital relationship for an extended period.They both take pleasure in their union.given that they are fortunate to have two kids.

Who is Sara Matter?

Sara is an amazing woman who has won many people over. She gained notoriety as the spouse of renowned American actor Niall Matter. Sara, though, is much more than just a well-known spouse. She has established herself as a formidable, self-reliant person.

Sara has become a global inspiration for women, even though she values her privacy. In the chronicles of tenacity, affection, and triumph unfolds the narrative of Sara. This blog post delves into the intricacies of Sara’s existence, exploring her early life, educational journey, interpersonal connections, and myriad other facets. Brace yourself for inspiration drawn from the remarkable exploits of this extraordinary individual.


Sara Bradley, globally recognized as Sara Matter, graced the world on May 5, 1986, hailing from the vibrant landscapes of Canada. While her birthdate is a known entity, Sara’s steadfast dedication to safeguarding her privacy veils much of her life story in enigma. Standing at an approximate height of 5 feet 5 inches (1.67 meters), Sara exudes a refined charm that harmonizes seamlessly with her spouse’s prominence in the entertainment realm.


Sara’s formative years were adorned with familial affection and encouragement, crafting a delightful childhood. Fueled by an innate zeal for knowledge, she embraced a penchant for exploration, consistently displaying academic prowess. Her insatiable curiosity became a guiding force in navigating the intricacies of the world around her.

Driven by an unwavering determination, Sara aspired to higher education, toiling diligently to actualize her aspirations. Enrolling in a prestigious university, she immersed herself in rigorous academic pursuits, cultivating a wealth of wisdom in her chosen domain. Across the tapestry of her early existence, education emerged as a cornerstone, sculpting Sara into the astute and accomplished woman she stands as today.


NameSara Matter
Real NameSara Bradley
Nick NameSara
Date Of Birth5th of May 1986
Age37 years old (As of 2023)
Birth PlaceUSA
Weight61 KG
Height5 Feet 5 Inches
Net Worth$4 Million Dollars
HusbandNiall Matter

Sara Matter Height

Sara stands at around 5 feet 5 inches, give or take, going by photos where she’s side by side with her husband, Niall, who’s 6 feet tall. But her impact goes way beyond her height. She is a formidable individual who aspires to greatness as a committed mother, a prosperous businesswoman, and a loving companion to Niall.

Sure, by Canada’s standards, her height might be typical for a woman, but her achievements? Anything but ordinary.Her narrative demonstrates powerfully that what matters is not one’s height but rather one’s motivation, tenacity, and optimism. Sara is an inspiration to women everywhere, showing that nothing is impossible to do if you have ability, drive, and a winning mindset. 

Sara Matter Age

Sara Matter’s birth year is a bit of a mystery since she treasures her privacy. So, her age remains a puzzle. But judging from what’s known, she might fall somewhere between 35 to 37 years old. Though the exact number’s a riddle, she sure keeps everyone guessing.

Personal Life

The wedding ceremony for Sara and Niall took place in Kauai, Hawaii, in 2016. July 2016 marked the beginning of their quest.Sara, the spouse Of Niall Matter, is merrily married to her husband Niall Matter, who is a trendy American actor.On July 16, 2016, Niall posted a photo of himself and his spouse kissing on Facebook.

In a sleeveless white gown, Sara proudly displayed her arm tattoo. Niall wore a white shirt. Fans were taken aback to see his photos with his wife because he has a sizable fan base.

There is no further information available regarding the couple’s dating history because they both kept their relationship a secret until he revealed a major new discovery about their connection, sharing on Facebook a sweet picture from their wedding. They were happy to be married together. Every moment of their lives was being enjoyed by them.

Sara Matter Children

Kate and Betsy, Sara and Niall Matter’s two adorable daughters, are at the center of their love tale. Their oldest child, Kate, was born the year they got married, adding even more happiness and meaning to their journey. Betsy, the younger of the two, entered the world in 2018 and brought even more joy to their close-knit family.

Born into a Christian family, Niall Matter integrates his beliefs into his own family life. Along with Sara, they are instilling Christian values in their daughters and transferring sentiments that are very dear to them. Their common faith is fundamental to Kate and Betsy’s upbringing, creating a relationship based on love, respect, and spirituality that characterizes their family.


Sara Matter’s origins can be traced to Edmonton, Alberta, a locale celebrated for its picturesque landscapes and cultural richness. Her familial lineage weaves together a tapestry of Irish and Russian heritage, infusing her narrative with a delightful dash of diversity. Despite the steadfast support of her family, Sara maintains a discreet stance regarding the specifics of her parents and siblings, underscoring her steadfast dedication to preserving personal privacy. In the glitzy domain of Hollywood, where transparency frequently takes center stage, Sara Matter’s discretion stands out as a welcome reaffirmation of the significance of maintaining personal boundaries.


Sara and Niall’s romantic journey serves as a beacon of inspiration for many, vividly reflected in their public outings and social media shares. Their profound connection is unmistakable, with both consistently championing each other’s endeavors since the inception of their relationship. The narrative of their love is genuinely heartening, underscoring the profound impact of love and mutual encouragement within a partnership.

Sara Matter career

Sara has carved out an impressive career path, unveiling her talents and fervor across diverse domains. Proficient in her vocation, she enthralls audiences with a combination of steadfast devotion and diligent work. Sara’s competence and variety are attested to by her broad portfolio of completed projects.

Her professional journey has enabled her to collaborate with some of the most accomplished individuals in the industry while also pushing her to new heights. With each project Sara works on, her dedication to her craft leaves a lasting impression. Her passion for art is truly inspiring.

Net Worth

Sara Matter wears multiple hats: a Canadian businesswoman married to the talented actor, Niall Matter. She treasures her privacy but sprinkles bits of her life across social media, sharing moments with her loved ones.

While Sara’s net worth remains a mystery, her husband Niall’s success paints a pretty picture with an estimated $4 million. Niall’s made his mark in TV and movies, especially with those beloved Hallmark originals like “Stop the Wedding,” “Finding Father Christmas,” and “When Calls the Heart.”

Sara’s personal endeavors and Niall’s flourishing profession suggest that she is probably well-established in the financial sphere.. Yet, Sara prefers to keep her financial details tucked away from the public eye, keeping that part of her life under wraps.

Social Media

Sara is an extraordinary woman, serving as a beacon of inspiration both in reality and across her social media channels.Being active on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, she offers inspirational messages, candid photos from her life, and perceptive life lessons.

Her fans can find a virtual sanctuary on social media thanks to the abundance of love, support, and inspiration she shares with them.

 Beyond personal insights, Sara utilizes these platforms to champion meaningful causes and shed light on issues close to her heart. She forges a personal connection with her audience by crafting engaging and relatable content, fostering a sense of value and inspiration among her followers. To stay abreast of her journey and engage in her endeavors, follow Sara on her social media accounts.


Birth and Early Life: Sara Matter, born Sara Bradley, entered the world on May 5, 1986, in Canada. She maintains a private life, keeping details about her early years and family discreet.

Education and Achievements: Sara demonstrated academic prowess during her formative years, driven by an innate curiosity.She pursued higher education at a prestigious university, shaping her into a self-reliant individual.

Personal Life: Sara married popular American actor Niall Matter in July 2016 in Kauai, Hawaii.The couple has two daughters, Kate (born the same year as their marriage) and Betsy (born in 2018).They share a commitment to Christian values, guiding their family life.

Career: Sara has established herself as a successful businesswoman, contributing to diverse domains. Her professional journey involves collaborations with accomplished individuals, showcasing dedication and versatility.

Height and Age: Sara stands at approximately 5 feet 5 inches, though her impact goes beyond physical stature. Her birth year is undisclosed, making her age a mystery, estimated between 35 to 37 years old in 2023.

Net Worth: While Sara’s net worth is undisclosed, her husband Niall Matter’s estimated net worth is $4 million. The couple’s financial status is likely comfortable, given Niall’s successful acting career.

Social Media Presence: Sara is active on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.She shares personal insights, inspirational messages, and engages with her audience while championing meaningful causes.


Sara Matter, formerly Sara Bradley, is a Canadian businesswoman married to the renowned American actor Niall Matter. Despite her husband’s fame, Sara has crafted her own identity, becoming a global inspiration for women. She values privacy but occasionally shares glimpses of her life on social media. The couple, married since July 2016, has two daughters and nurtures them with Christian values. Sara’s career path reflects her competence and versatility, while her net worth remains undisclosed. Her presence on social media extends beyond personal insights, fostering a connection with her audience through inspiration and advocacy.


What is Sara Matter’s real name?

Sara Matter’s real name is Sara Bradley.

When was Sara Matter born?

Sara Matter was born on May 5, 1986.

How tall is Sara Matter?

Sara Matter stands at approximately 5 feet 5 inches.

What is Sara Matter’s husband’s name and profession?

Sara Matter is married to Niall Matter, a popular American actor.

How many children do Sara and Niall Matter have?

Sara and Niall Matter have two daughters, Kate and Betsy.

What is Sara Matter’s net worth?

Sara Matter’s net worth is undisclosed, but her husband Niall Matter’s estimated net worth is $4 million.

Is Sara Matter active on social media?

Yes, Sara Matter is active on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, where she shares insights, inspirational messages, and advocates for meaningful causes.

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