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Hilary Pitt Frances: The Supportive Mother Behind Maisie Williams’ Success

Helen Pitt Frances is widely recognized as a prominent figure in the United States, celebrated not only for her own accomplishments but also for her connection as the mother of Maisie Williams, a renowned British actress and television personality. Maisie garnered immense fame for her portrayal of a key character in the HBO epic medieval fantasy series “Game of Thrones,” which aired from 2011 to 2019.

Quick Info

Full NameHilary Pitt Frances
ProfessionManager and Personal Assistant
Popular ForMaisie Williams’s mother
Age (As in 2022)50’s
HeightMore than 5 feet
Eye ColorBrown
Birth PlaceUnited Kingdom
HusbandGary Williams (ex-husband)
ChildrenBeth Williams, James Williams, Ted Williams, and Maisie Williams

Hilary Pitt Frances Wiki

Judith Pitt Frances, Maisie Williams’ mother, is a native of the United Kingdom.She was raised in the UK, but it’s curious that she’s never said who or where her parents are. Her precise date and year of birth are unknown, but based on how old she seemed to be in 2022, she must be in her forties.

Additionally mysterious and lacking in publicly accessible information are the specifics of Hilary’s schooling.

Hilary Pitt Frances Body Measurements

While Hilary has chosen to keep her exact height and weight under wraps, it’s safe to say that she stands at a height exceeding 5 feet and maintains a weight well above 100 pounds. Despite these undisclosed specifics, one can’t help but notice her charming appearance, characterized by a lovely face adorned with light brown hair and captivating eyes.

Hilary Pitt Frances Career

Helen Pitt When it comes to mentioning her own professional background in public, Frances, Maisie’s mother, has kept a low profile.

Speaking about Maisie’s incredible path, she began her acting career by assuming the enduring character of Arya Stark of Winterfell in the HBO fantasy series “Game of Thrones” back in 2011. Kit Harington was her co-star in the show.

She rose to fame because of her portrayal of the series’ titular character in the sweeping medieval fantasy drama that aired from 2011 to 2019.

Maisie has been regularly in a number of programs in addition to “Game of Thrones,” such as “The Secret of Crickley Hall,” “Robo Chicken,” “Cyberbully,” and “Doctor Who.”

After her TV success, the British actress made her film debut as Scraggly Sue in the 2012 movie “The Olympic Ticket Scalper,” followed by “Heatstroke.”

She continued to broaden her filmography with projects like “Up on the Roof,” “Corvidae,” and “Gold.”

In 2014, her portrayal of Lydia Lamont in “The Falling” garnered both commercial success and critical acclaim.

Maisie has received several honors in recognition of her skills, including the Saturn Award and the EWwy Award for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama. She also won the London Film Critics Circle Young Performer of the Year Award.

Hilary Pitt Frances Husband & Kids

The first marriage of Hilary and Gary Williams was not a happy one for her personally. After jointly raising four kids, including their youngest daughter Maisie, the couple ultimately got divorced, albeit the details of their breakup remain a secret. Two sons, Ted and James, and two daughters, Beth and Maisie, already existed when Hilary and Gary were married. Maisie’s position as the youngest child meant that she was still a little kid when her parents separated.

It’s vital to remember that Hilary later got married a second time; however, the day, month, and name of her second husband—who goes by the name Frances—remain unknown. In 2022, it seems that Hilary is happy in her marriage, even if it is unknown who her second spouse is.

Hilary Pitt Frances Nomination

Hilary hasn’t earned any official awards or accolades for her work yet, but her daughter Maisie has undoubtedly established a reputation for herself in the acting industry. Maisie has received several honors thanks to her ability.

In 2012, she received two Portal Awards, winning both the titles of Best Young Actor and Best Supporting Actress. The following year, in 2013, she was honored as the Best British Actress at the BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards, and she also clinched the prestigious EWwy Award for Best Dramatic Supporting Actress. Her remarkable achievements continued with the Empire Award for the Empire Hero Award.

She added the Shooting Stars Award from the Berlin International Film Festival and the Saturn Award for Best Performance by a Young Actor in a Television Series to her résumé that year.

Maisie’s skill was further acknowledged in 2016 when she took home the Evening Standard British Film Award for Rising Star and the London Film Critics’ Circle Award for Young British/Irish Performer of the Year. Her remarkable journey culminated in 2019 when she once again secured the Saturn Award for Best Performance by a Young Actor in a Television Series.

Hilary Pitt Frances Net Worth

Hilary may have begun her profession by acting as the manager and personal assistant for her daughter Frances. She hasn’t revealed her net worth to the public, nevertheless, as of 2022.

Her daughter, who is quite well-known, is thought to be worth $16 million as of January 2023. The actual net worth of Hilary is unknown, but her daughter inherited her fortune and renown. Sources say she has a $6 million net worth and earns $150,000 every event. She clearly puts in a lot of effort since her fortune is rising.

Hilary Pitt Frances Social Media

Hilary Pitt Frances doesn’t actively participate in social media and has a modest profile there. She doesn’t currently have any active official Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram profiles. She obviously cherishes her privacy and doesn’t divulge many details of it to the media.

Some Interesting Facts 

  • Her first husband, Gary Williams, and she had four kids together.
  • Hilary is a citizen of the UK.
  • She was employed as a manager and personal assistant by her daughter.
  • Maisie Williams, her well-known daughter, loves going shopping with grandma.
  • Hilary wanted her daughter to become renowned from an early age.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Who is Hilary Pitt Frances?

English-born Hilary Pitt Frances is the mother of “Game of Thrones” actor Maisie Williams. Manager and personal assistant are Hilary’s main jobs.

What is Hilary Pitt Frances known for?

Most people are familiar with Hilary Francis Pitt as the mother of Maisie Williams, who portrayed Arya Stark in “Game of Thrones.”

What is Hilary Pitt Frances’s age?

While her exact birthdate is unknown, based on available information, it is estimated that Hilary Pitt Frances is in her forties as of 2022.

Does Hilary Pitt Frances have a social media presence?

Hilary Pitt Frances is not on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. She keeps her personal life private on social media.

Who are Hilary Pitt Frances’s children?

Hilary Pitt Frances has four children: Beth Williams, James Williams, Ted Williams, and Maisie Williams. Maisie Williams is the most famous among them, known for her acting career.

Did Hilary Pitt Frances remarry after her first marriage?

Yes, Hilary Pitt Frances got married a second time, but the details of her second husband, including his name and marriage date, remain undisclosed.

What is Maisie Williams’s net worth?

For January 2023, Maisie Williams is expected to be worth $16 million. Her profession as an actress has made her wealthy.

Has Hilary Pitt Frances received any awards for her work?

No, there is no information available regarding any awards or accolades received by Hilary Pitt Frances for her work. Most of the recognition and awards are attributed to her daughter, Maisie Williams.

What is Hilary Pitt Frances’s profession?

Hilary Pitt Frances primarily works as a manager and personal assistant, often assisting her daughter, Maisie Williams, in her career endeavors.

Is there information available about Hilary Pitt Frances’s early life and education?

Unfortunately, there is limited publicly accessible information about Hilary Pitt Frances’s early life and educational background. She keeps many personal details confidential.

Final Words

Hilary Pitt Frances is a figure known for her association with her daughter, Maisie Williams, the renowned British actress famous for her role in “Game of Thrones.” Hilary’s own background remains quite private, with limited information available about her early life and education. While she is primarily recognized as a manager and personal assistant, most of the public recognition and awards are attributed to Maisie Williams. Hilary values her privacy and maintains a modest presence on social media. If you have any more questions or need further information, feel free to ask.

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